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      Summer’s just about over and boy did it seem to go really fast! I feel like I did so much in such little time.

      My family and I went out of state 3 times to look at houses to move into at the end of August and sat in the car 6 hours to and from each time. It was pretty tiring but I think we’ve successfully found a house to move to now. I’m excited to move out of the small house we live in now.

      I also went to an amusement park called Kings Island. My younger sister rode her first roller coaster there and loved it. She was the only who would ride in the bigger rides with them funny enough. We were the only one brave enough to ride them I guess haha.

      Other than that, I managed to save a lot of money through some sites I’m a member of. I bought a few things I’ve been eying for a while now. Oh, and I watched all 9 season of Supernatural in a 3 mo time frame. Well, not all of season 9 but I’m pretty close to the last episode.

      Anyways, what all have you done this summer? Anyone get any projects done or things like that?

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      During summer I try my best to not go on “vacation” mode, and stay productive. I did go back home to CA to see my Family and Friends! 🙂 It was a Productive and Fun trip! I also Recently Got Engaged! 🙂

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      Amalthea Hustles

      I guess this was my last summer vacation, as I’ll graduate from university this year. I didn’t do any travel over the summer months, but I went to Seattle in March, followed by visiting my best friend for a week, followed by a week with my boyfriend. I try to take at least a month’s worth of vacation over the course of each year. Such is the luxury of having such a flexible job schedule.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I did a ton this summer. I stayed at home, went out many places and had the kids all summer. I had a birthday party for my son. My summer isn’t over till the kids go back to school in a month or so.

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      I have been attending college for the last year and a half with only a short break every three months so this summer, I just enjoyed not HAVING to be busy studying. Of course I still have things I want to do to make my family’s life better so I am still busy.

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      We went on the most fantastic trip to Denmark and Germany! We went there to visit friends and family

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      I went to work doing promotions which I feel fortunate to see different places in my local area. On top of that, stayed home and sometimes went out for different things. Last month celebrated our oldest daughter’s 13th b day. I feel bad that she doesn’t have any friends to share her b day with. 🙁

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      I spent time w/ family & friends. Went to a water park. Been to tons of concerts & some dates. Had my first double date. Went to see several movies. Started blogging for a living.

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      How did you guys spend this summer?

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      Simona Abdi

      Unfortunately I had not a vacation through this summer, only job and online jobs. 🙂

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      I’ve been sick all summer, so I spent it mostly at home.

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