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      There is this young man who said that since his job as a casual laborer in the building sector could not sustain him financially.So he decide to ask for help by saying that he would like to sell his kidney.By this he knew that the money that he got,he would be able to start a business. Can you sell a part of your body for financial reasons?

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      Since there are mostly health complication resulting from kidney surgery, I better work hard rather than selling part of my vital body parts.

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      There is a national tv show that feature real life story in the country. the featured character was like the man in the situation..put of nothingness, he sold his kidney.. until one day it was his own son who needed one. Now that he only has one, he couldn’t save the life of his own son.. the money he got from his organ was all gone..

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      Hmm I probably could not. All though I have tried selling plasma and blood. I have considered donating eggs lol but never could get past the thought of having kids of mine that I never knew lol. I would hate to live with that regret. If my hair was long enough I might sell it if I still had some length lol but a body part I am not sure if I could do that.

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