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      Kimberly Brown

      Sometimes people need guidance. Their are Tutorials in the website to help you edit and create a website. I have did some websites before and they can be complicated. I find myself making a simple site. Some can make great sites.

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      I did not know they had tutorials to help with this. Thanks for sharing, Kimberly. I’ll probably look into those to see if there are things I’ve missed & may not realize all the possibilities to designing our pages! 🙂

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      I didn’t know there were tutorials. Thanks!

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      Kimberly Brown

      Yes they are great. I have not used any yet but may need to in the future. You both are very welcome.

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      I new about the tutorials on here, but i do find making websites easy, yes at first trying to figure it out can be nerve racking, but once you get the hang of it its pretty easy. but it also depends on the site tools as well. If they give you enough room to grow and expand then you find website design much easier to handle then when you do it all from scratch. but I actually enjoy doing web design and find i kinda have knack for them. I am still learning new ways to make it look better. but just like the old saying goes – nothing comes easy, but with practice.

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        Kimberly Brown

        It does take time and work to get a site up and going. I had a hard time getting mine right. I finally got it right though.

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      I find it hard to create a great site, the simple designs are the one I go for

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      Even if I were to look at the tutorials, they wouldn’t make sense to me! I leave all that to my husband hehe

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      I had a very hard time with it. Just because it was new to me. I wanted to keep thing very simple.

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      This is something that really bothered me when I first joined here. Though after some explorations, I quite get used to it.

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      Still did not make site

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      Destiny Minor

      I am trying to figure out the wordpress here, I have figured out a few things, but I want to make a contact me page and can’t figure it out. 🙁

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      Well i just use the template offered in here. But i have a question. Why is it that when i opened my site i can see all the template design plus the social media icons the one where you used for sharing, but when a friend did visit the site its just plain white and blue and no like comments or sharw button.. Hmmm

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      That’s it. It is easy as abc as long as you know how to read instructions, as long as you know how to interpret the tutorials step by step procedures.

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      I am not good at website design. I can create a wordpress blog but not beyond that.

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