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      I have had trouble using my BlogJob’s blog URL when commenting on any other site/blog, but never have trouble using my other blogs URL’s to comment on other people’s blogs. It happens with any blog — WP, Blogger, etc. Do any of you have this issue?

      When I try commenting under the blog here, I always get the error “invalid characters,” but I’m using the correct URL:

      I just assumed it’d be better to link with this blog when I left comments since we’re encouraged to share our stuff here (and now required to share on social media). I would like for my fellow crochet bloggers to be able to come to THIS blog (crochet blog) when they view my comments and want to click on my name. I mean, I don’t mind too much which blog they get taken to because either way, it’s still traffic to my blog, but it seemed like it would be more… I don’t know… good for BlogJob to get more exposure from bloggers, but if there’s too much trouble on commenting? Comments are the main source for traffic, especially comments on other blogs. In fact, it gets you more traffic than sharing 10 times on social media sites, so I’d prefer using BlogJob blog to comment anyways.

      So, is it only mine or do you guys show errors when trying to comment on other blogs? I’ve been able to comment on other blogs hosted here at BlogJob using my own BlogJob account, but I would think BlogJob would want us to be able to comment on all other sites/blogs instead of just their own. But it appears the link to my BJ blog won’t work on non-BJ blogs. Whew!

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      Hi Kendra…sorry you’re having issues with posting your link to other sites. Perhaps you could try using a link shortener like or the shortlinks offered through the jetpack plugin.

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      I’ll have to give that I try would love to comment on other blogs.

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