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      Greetings folks. I’m not too sure whether you are familiar with my posts regarding the fact that I’m a writer or not; but it’s true. Writing is my first love.

      However, I have a second love. The Paranormal. It has been my one link to sanity when I suffered my Creative Coma (see my blog to understand). Are you familiar with the television show Ghost Hunters which has been on the air approximately 10 year? If you are than you have a general idea of what I do; as I am a paranormal investigator as well as a team leader of a very well established (one might say premiere without being snobbish; simply the first) investigative team in the central valley of California. Our team is even connected with the team featured on the show I mentioned.

      OK, enough bragging on my part. To the point of this post…

      I would like to know your thoughts on this phenomena. Have you had experiences? If so, would you please share them with us?

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      Haha, speaking of the paranormal. I usually don’t talk about this often, or with a group of people who wouldn’t believe what I’m saying, but I’m (mildly, at least) psychic. I have the ability to sense when ghosts or spirits are near, as well as read the emotions of anyone I’m particularly close to across large distances. When my friends are upset, I experience a sense of urgency and the compulsion to go check on them, even though some live cross-country and others across the ocean.

      That said, I do have some experiences with ghosts themselves, aside from my empathy. I could tell that story, if you’d like.

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      Awesome! I have quite a keen interest in the paranormal too! Not that I’ve had any experiences or encounters since I was a child but I still like to believe. Everytime I talk about ghosts or hauntings, my arm hair literally stands on end, I go goose pimply all over and a cold shiver goes through my body but lingers in one of my extremities…it’s a rather odd feeling.

      When I was a child I remember talking to a really old lady who always had like a lace shawl around her head, through my bedroom window (which was on the top floor). That house was always cold and flowers never survived overnight, they would shrivel up and die. And one day when me and my dad were in the front room (so I’m told-i don’t remember this event), my mum says she felt someone put their hand on her shoulder, to the point where she asked what my dad wanted now but there was no one behind her. The floorboards would always creak in the same way as they would if we were walking from the bathroom to my bedroom.

      What places have you investigated? Had any note worthy results?

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      Yeah this is actually a thing and I believe that those who don’t believe in it, either don’t have the ability to see or they just block it out to the point where nothing can come into contact with them. I’ve had my share of weird happenings, like hearing things move in my room while trying to sleep, that feeling like something’s following you, the overwhelming sensation that something is trying to latch onto you or a faint sensation that someone has just passed by you. And somehow people who are aware seem to flock to you.

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      @algedonics Of course I like to hear your stories. That is why I posted this. I’m sure any that read and make additional posts would like to as well.

      Thanks for telling your story. In the ten years I have done investigations I have done numerous. Heard of Preston Castle? You might if you’ve viewed Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Now while I was unfortunate in not being able to attend the investigation; and this next statement may be hotly contested, but we know the truth that it was the team I belong to today that was the very first paranormal team to ever investigate there. You might say that we woke up Preston Castle.

      @eloncin0926 Some very good points there; especially your opening, however, I must comment that much of that has to do with the damage in which the indoctrination of religion. Please do not get me wrong; I’m not damning religion completely but at the time of the writing of the Bible or similar texts the fears and beliefs of then are treated as absolute truths today. Your last sentence confuses me a bit about “And somehow people who are aware seem to flock to you.” If you are referring to people on the other side then you are absolutely correct. Not bragging; at least I hope it doesn’t appear so, but you could say that I am kind of know by name (my complete name) on the other side. Now, a reason behind this is that our team has acquired a few friends on the other side that know my ability and try to help in being, in a sense an inter mediator between us on this side and those in the places we go to investigate.

      Hmm…After writing all of these responses I’m beginning to wonder whether I should write a book on the subject.

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      I’ve always been interested in the paranormal, especially since when I was a kid I had several experiences, and according to a psychic my mom knows, me and my mom both have ‘intuitive psychic abilities’ but I haven’t really grown into them and my mom is to stubborn to acknowledge them. I like researching the paranormal, and I want to someday go on ghost hunting expeditions to see what we can find.

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      I’ve never seen anything strange but have gone to old places & got such a strong bad vibe I had to leave right away.

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      Oh my! This is really, really awesome! I’ll have to go read your post on this Creative Coma.

      I love that you get to do this type of thing! What an awesome thing to do. I do believe in these things. In fact, my aunt, mom, couple of cousins & my significant other & I have been going on these journies for a few years — “orb hunting.” We’ve been all over our area. To Indian cemeteries, to the Chickamauga Battlefield (by far the creepiest and most active of all we’ve visited!) We take photos with our cameras and have definitely captured some odd looking “orbs.”

      They would adore seeing what you probably encounter on a regular basis! I’ll have to tell them about your adventures!

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      I’m happy that you have been on adventures and you get very excited. However, I feel compared to warn you to not call yourself an orb chaser. Fact of the matter is that 99% of orbs captured on cameras are not spirit energy. What they are instead is simply dust, insects, and depending on conditions moisture which a created due to the reflection of light created by a light source. Now, the real spirit orb is quite rare and I have seen a few in my time. In fact, I have a video which has a light orb (causing its own light source) streaking down past my head. Our team determined this to be a significant enough event as to deem it paranormal. Here’s why. While the camera was inundated with orbs of dust and insect which general followed the path of the natural air currents that was working its way through the building the one I mentioned came directly out of the ceiling and moved in a downward right angle; it did not even break my shadow which you could see on the wall. All other dust/insect orb activity was sweeping upwards and to to the left of the camera. Not saying this to demean you in anyway; just hoping to make you understand the difference and not judge every ob to be of paranormal background.

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      I’ve recorded talking in an empty cemetery before. So creepy.

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      Oh cemeteries are fantastic. I have many evp’s from cemeteries. I’ll share two with you. One was of a woman simply saying “Peyonee” (the spelling is questionable but I suspect it to be Native American); I have come to think of it as a name but I could be wrong. This other evp (captured several times in the same voice) is rather heart breaking. It was a woman saying, “I want my baby back.”

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      I have never encountered anything paranormal but I am open-minded as we humans still have a lot to learn.

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