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      Zarbino. Was a vicious dog, whose repeated attempts at biting me failed.

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      Jeanette Hall

      The part German Shepard / chocolate Labrador mix I had when I was little. Was Cindy’s first puppy. She guarded me all the way until she passed away from getting overexcited at our Girl Scout camp over on our family’s farm. She died under the cherry tree.

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      Dante passed away only a couple weeks ago. He was 12 years old and was a miniature poodle mix. Dante weighed 2 pounds and was 8″ tall at the shoulder. He was my constant companion, even laying next to me in the computer chair and he will be missed greatly. He is missed greatly. He was named after the movie Dante’s Peak, because he was fearless.

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      My neighbor’s Labrador Hector passed away last year. He was a friendly fellow.

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      They were Hunter and Twinkle. It took several months for me to move on since they were gone.

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