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      Wherever we see a magnifier glass icon, we obviously think there is some search function happening. Though, I don’t know the reason behind it.

      Anyways, the purpose of this form is to find out whether there is a need of having a magnifier glass icon (I mean a search feature) in forums. Please confirm how would be the idea to have search facility in blogjob forums?

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      If you go to the forums home page, there is a search button. It doesn’t have a magnifier icon though. As far as I can tell that’s the only place you can search the forums from.

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        Actually there is a search button in the beginning but if you look at the forum page, there are multiple categories like “Writing content”; “Blog monetization”; “Website designing” etc.

        What about having a search facility for all of these?

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        @fun1oriented2learning The reason there’s only one search button for all the categories is probably to help people who don’t know in which category the discussion they’re looking for was posted.

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        Perhaps adding such an additional feature will be more expensive for those maintaining the site.

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      I donĀ“t think I need a magnifier glass.

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      Anne Farmer

      I’m not sure what you mean by the magnifier glass? I guess it can be an icon perhaps for the search function?

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      I think it’s the icon we are used to since the time of the computers?

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      Yes @blueberry You are right.

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      @gina145 Madam, I know that. What I want is in addition to what is already available

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