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      Dear All!

      Sometimes it happens that 2 things look quite similar but there is a narrow line of difference.

      For example,

      Q What is the difference between

      • Sales and Marketing
      • Financial statements and Accounting statements
      • A donkey and an ass
      • A chimpanzee, a Gorilla and an Orangutan

      How are you going to answer this question?

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      There is a difference between donkeys, burros and mules, but donkeys and asses are the same subspecies of horse; Equus africanus asinus. The donkey is just the domesticated version.

      Chimps, gorillas and orangutans are all noticeably different, in size, appearance and habits.Each is significantly different in genetic structure, with chimps having the most genetic markers that are the same as those humans have. Defining the actual difference would require me to write an article to do it. LOL

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        Thanks @Rextrulove

        Some say that ass are hybrid breeding of donkey and horses.

        Waiting for your post on difference between Chimp, Gorilla and Orangutan

        Kindly advice on first 2 points as well.

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        @fun1oriented2learning, the offspring of an male ass and a female horse is a mule, not a donkey. In fact, the male animal can be a donkey and still produce a mule. Mules are sterile, so they can only be produced by breeding asses/donkeys with horses.

        I’m not sure that I know enough about business to eloquently address the other two points. I’d say that sales is a subset of marketing, though. Marketing is putting a product out there, advertising it and creating interest in it. Sales is what happens when the product has been produced, advertised and an interest has been created. That is the purchasing phase.

        Again, I’m not certain, but I’d guess that a financial statement is primarily a statement of cash in and cash out. An accounting statement (if I’m correct) is a detailed listing of actual transactions, including those that don’t necessarily have to do with cash in and out but do have to do with business operations. Example; when I was a technical engineer and we would have a meeting, meals were paid for. That expense when on an accounting report even if no money was actually exchanged. I also was reimbursed for my personal ISP costs and those went into a monthly accounting report.

        I’m not sure how close I am, but that is the best I can do. 🙂

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      Thanks for the information Guys!

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      Very informative post..Thank’s for the information too.

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      Thanks @rextrulove

      Actually these are confusing and people often conclude the 2 as same.

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        Yes, @fun1oriented2learning, I agree. I remember it because when I was about 12 years old, we became friends with a man who had a mule. I loved it when my parents visited him because I’d get to ride that mule. It was exceptionally gentle and intelligent, and it was trained to voice command. I was saddened, knowing that the mule would never be a father to other gentle, intelligent mules because it was sterile. Since donkeys and horses can both breed, it wasn’t hard for me to remember that the mule is the one that comes from breeding two completely different species.

        In a way, it is like breeding a male lion with a female tiger (offspring is called a Liger) or a male tiger and a female lion (which is called a Tigron)…neither offspring can breed because they are almost always sterile and neither exists in the wild. Incidentally, the Liger is the biggest cat in the world. It is longer and heavier than either a lion or a Siberian tiger.

        That is, if you were referring to people being confused about asses/donkeys and mules. LOL

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        People are also confused by sales and marketing and with financial statements and accounting statements because they don’t realize that they are two different things.

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      hmm, just smiling with the response that says very informative, he he.

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      Learning a lot from this forum… very interesting information we got here… Thanks!

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        What can I say, @charmingchel? I LOVE trivia. 😀

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      Thanks. Saving it as pdf

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      That’s ok. Worth it

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      OMG! The above questions are I guess the hardest questions I ever encountered lately. lol There’s going to be a lot of researches before I can finally answer all the questions above though. But I really enjoyed reading the replies of a lot of member on this thread. I learned a lot.

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      Yes.. similarly ‘innocent and cunning’

      some people behave like innocent but are in fact cunning from within. It takes a while to figure out their intentions, specially in the online world. But well, they can’t be successful always. Hope you got it 😀

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        Yes @laksh – A very valid point.

        These people exist both online and offline. Unfortunately we humans do not have any inbuilt scanner to note what is in their minds. In offline words, you can see their face and if you are a face reader, you can guess their intentions but this trick may not work in online world. Online scanning of intention is a tough job.

        Some even write posts with intention to insult others even famous personalities. They find this as an excellent traffic boosting mechanism. Yes, this does increase traffic in the short run. However, they do not realize that it is easy to criticize others, even easier is to boost traffic this way but it is equally difficult to understand their perspective. Also, they do not realize the fundamental fact that GOD did not appoint them to judge others. But, who cares ? – They don’t have time for this. It is difficult to understand such people. Unfortunately, we encounter hundreds of such people on day to day basis.

        I won’t go deeper as that might go on philosophical path. I would however, point out a solution. If you meet such people, then ask yourself – “They will go to hell for sure, Should I accompany them in the journey?” If Yes, then you should join them. Else, let it go – Let them mind their business and you mind your own. As simple as that.

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      Andria Perry

      I have to go to work but I intend to come back to this discussion 🙂

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      It went great. Asking one more

      and @grecy095 could enlighten.

      Q: What is difference between purchase, procurement and sourcing?

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      Grecy Garcia

      Purchase is the process of buying the official materials that undergone sourcing, canvassing and bidding.

      Procurement is the process of knowing the material needed, listing the suppliers of materials, canvassing, sourcing, bidding and buying the materials.

      Sourcing is the process of researching of materials either through using your documents or new documents/source of suppliers.

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        Wow sis, that’s good answer, @Grecygarcia….nothing more to add to that 🙂

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      Let me try:
      Sales and Marketing- Sales means to get people to buy your stuff, marketing means strategies to get consumers to fall into your traps

      Financial statements and Accounting statements- Sorry, don’t know anything about them

      A donkey and an ass- I thought they are the same just different country language.

      A chimpanzee, a Gorilla and an Orangutan- chimpanzee are cmaller size of monkeys who haas black hair, smiles often, Gorilla is the giant size of monkey and orangutan is the brown hair smart monkey who can do tricks.

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        HAHAHA! The donkey – ass relationship is funny. Actually the words are ambiguous. It is relatively difficult to differentiate horse, mule, donkeys, ass etc.

        They are just different species and not just different translations. I have noticed people stating that a wolf is a dog living in a forest and a dog is a domestic wolf. that’s it.

        Thank GOD, they don’t say – cat is a domesticated lion. People are just confused.

        and @grecy095 – Thanks for the insights. Will ask more if I find similar ambiguities and will bother you.

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        @fun1oriented2learning, it isn’t a bother. I have no problem with talking about the differences, particularly with animals. You are right; people do get confused. I’ve even heard people say that a zebra is just a horse with stripes, but zebras and horses are totally different animals.

        Still, people get confused because the animals (and sometimes plants, too) look a lot alike. I actually enjoy explaining the differences. Sometimes the differences are much greater than people think.

        A shrew looks like a mouse, but it isn’t a rodent and is totally unrelated to mice. A shrew is a carnivore, a mouse is a herbivore.

        Better example; there is a critter in southern Africa called the hyrax (or sometimes dassie). The hyrax looks and acts a lot like a marmot (or ground hog or rock chuck). It is totally unrelated, though. In fact, the hyrax is has hooves and is more closely related to elephants than to marmots. All that said, I wonder if I should write an article about the hyrax? lol

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      Grecy Garcia

      hahaha anytime @fun1oriented2learning if I know the answer i will be here

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      Anne Farmer

      I heard one time that there’s a fine line between a police officer and a convict. Not sure if that is true in all cases.

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      Interesting questions

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      Participant well shrek called the donkey his ass, didn’t he?

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        @peachpurple, slang usage aside, remember though that an ass is a wild animal and a donkey is a domesticated one. That is really the only difference. I don’t think that Donkey was ever domesticated, so in this case, Shrek was right; he was an ass. 😀

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      Participant oic, so donkey in shrek wasn’t a domestic fella

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      Andria Perry

      I am not going to answer any because all the comments above did 🙂

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        @andriaperry, you do realize that by saying that you weren’t going to answer, you did answer, right? HAHAHA It is nearly a paradox

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      your topic here has a points now it made me think what is the difference of it now thanks for sharing when I get back I hope to find answers already.

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      @rextrulove, @grecy095, @peachpurple

      Found another one – Sorry to bother you all.

      Differentiate between hare and rabbit.

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        @fun1oriented2learning, there are a couple of noticeable differences. Rabbits give birth to babies that are hairless and have their eyes closed. The young are totally helpless, which is why rabbits give birth in burrows, usually.

        Hares give birth on a scrape…a cleared area under a bush or similar. The young are born with their eyes open, fully furred and within a couple of hours can outrun a coyote. Young hares will continue to nurse if they can, but they are able to fend for themselves and aren’t helpless.

        Those are the most noticeable differences. There are others, too.

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      OK, hare has longer hind legs, longer ears and bigger in size and has black markings on body

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        Only sometimes, @peachpurple. One kind of rabbit, the Flemmish Giant, can weigh 20 pounds and they can be a meter in length. That is far larger than most hares. The snowshoe hares we have here (they are abundant in Montana) are almost identical in size to a cottontail rabbit…about 5 pounds and 12-15 inches in length. Several kinds of rabbits are bigger. Cottontail rabbits around here (not as numerous as snowshoe hares) have black on the edges of their ears, just as snowshoes do. If you just see the heads, it is almost impossible to tell snowshoes and mountain cotton tails apart by looking at them.

        Also, while jackrabbits (a kind of hare) have very long ears, arctic hares (and we have some of those here too) have short ears; an adaptation for living in very cold country. Long ears radiate heat, which is great for a desert animal like a jackrabbit but not very good for an arctic one like a arctic hare.

        However, in all cases, baby rabbits are born naked, blind and helpless, while baby hares are born with fur, open eyes and are able to get around. For that reason, the gestation in hares tends to be longer, too, so the babies have more time to develop in the womb.

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      I couldn’t say more. I am amazed with the lenghty responses – it is worth it. I will bookmark this so I can read all the comments. I have limited time.

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      Another one for you!

      Since this is not related to any living being for that matter and is based on English language, I am tagging @Jordana and @Nana in addition to @rextrulove @grecy095 and @peachpurple.

      What is difference between Though and Although?

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        @fun1oriented2learning, “although” is a contraction of “all though”, however as far as meaning, ‘although’ and ‘though’ are the same thing and can be interchanged. These two conjunctions mean the same thing.

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        The more confusing would be the difference between ‘flammable’ and ‘inflammable’. That is, there is no difference. They both mean ‘highly burnable’.

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      Grecy Garcia

      @fun1oriented2learning i think although and though are just the same. they both means despite of the fact or in spite of the fact.

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      although and though means in spite of

      Although usually use in the beginning of the sentence

      though is used in the middle

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      Adding one more related to English.

      Though it is not a difference kind of question

      @Jordana @grecy095 @rextrulove

      Q When to use can and when to use may?

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        @fun2oriented2learning, they are usually used interchangeably, but ‘can’ is more certain of an action, while ‘may’ leaves considerable doubt.

        Also, ‘can’ isn’t very formal while ‘may’ is.

        Since ‘may’ also implies permission (as in “may I?”), it is technically far overused. All that said, unless you are writing a scholarly paper, you can probably get away with using them interchangeably. 😀

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        I should say that I also tend to overuse ‘may’, only I often do so because I use it instead of ‘might’, as in:

        “You may want to restart your computer.”

        It should be, “You might want to restart your computer.”

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      Grecy Garcia

      From what I understand about the word. Can is the ability to do things while May is you still have the ability to do something or a thing but you are asking permission if you could do it.

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      @glorious1969, I agree that words, terms and phrases can be confusing. That is true of virtually all parts of life and all professions. It is even true in the bible (I wrote about the difference between a Nazarite and a Nazarene, but the words are similar sounding so lots of people mistake one for the other.) There are still lots of animals out there that we (mankind collectively) hasn’t discovered yet, too. If we are to be stewards of this world, we must try to gain understanding. A shepherd who knows nothing about sheep probably shouldn’t be tending the flock. LOL

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      @glorious1969 and @rextrulove

      Well, the points are correct. That is the purpose of this thread – to tell that while 2 words might seem similar, they may not be same. People often misunderstand the difference and are often confused.

      There is another one to the list: Bull and Ox

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      That one is easy, @fun1orented2learning. A bull is technically any fully-functioning bovine, including cattle, buffalo, bison, etc.

      An ox is a male bovine that has been trained to be a draft animal and which as been castrated.

      Thus, an oxen are similar to steers, which are castrated cattle that are raised as meat animals. The biggest difference between oxen and steers is their purpose.

      This also means that a musk oxen isn’t an ox, unless it has been trained to be a draft animal and has been castrated (some musk oxen are). A bull and an ox are different because a bull can sire offspring and an ox can’t.

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