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      I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks to @Sheridan. Today I received payment from Blogjob.

      I am sure it must have been very difficult to pay members when the site is undergoing so many problems but thank you for remaining true to your word.

      I sincerely hope that things will be back to normal soon and Blogjob comes back stronger and more stable than before. Meanwhile we are still here:)

      Best regards

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      Anne Farmer

      Glad you got your payment today @dawnwriter I did too. I do hope the site comes back better than ever soon as well. I did notice a new ad at the bottom of the page right now that wasn’t there before.

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      Yes, thank you sir @sheridan, I have received my USD$100 too in my paypal account.
      I had redeemed on 05-05-2016 and received it today ( 06-05-2016)
      I am very thankful to you for keeping your word.
      I salute you sir for your honesty.
      I promise you that I will keep commenting at Blogjob.
      Thank you very much sir.
      Appreciated and grateful to you.

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      yes, I also noticed of the annoying pop up ads at the bottom of the page but then, I guess there must be a reason for sir sheridan to insert the ads.

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      Grecy Garcia

      The ads below, maybe they are testing it on what it benefits on the site. For now, let us be active in forums to always view the ads.

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      Lee Ka

      It’s good to hear that you have got paid, and made us have more trust on Sheridan. I am sure he has a lot of sleepless nights and his mind has been with this technical issue all the time. Let’s pray for him and hope he will fix it very soon. I can imagine how stressful it is to not being able to fix a bug, but he has much more stress as there are so many members waiting for him. Finger crossed.

      I am glad the ads are back, so we can at least now help to generate some revenue from the ads, and hopefully it will not disturb the fixing progress. 🙂

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      happy for you

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      Yay…..congratulations to everyone who’s received their payments, it’s truly amazing!!! I too received mine this morning :)))) My very first BlogJob payment!

      I too would like to echo everyone’s deep gratitude to you @Sheridan, that even given the situation the site’s undergoing, you still found the time to process our payments. Thank you so much and fingers crossed the site’s fully restored shortly :))))

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      I’m really happy for all of you. It feels really good to know that @sheridan found time for payments while dealing with such major technical problems.

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