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    There are members who are using the different names than that of their username and the name displayed on their profile. How to tag them successfully could be done simply. Point the cursor to their name and check the link displayed at the lower left-hand portion of your screen. If they are the same no problem. Just type @ + their name. If different, copy it after @. Another solution is simply typed their name and their username will pop up. Just press enter. And you’re done.

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    DW Davis

    Thanks for the info. I was hoping their was an easier way to tag someone when the names differed than having to go to their profile. I’m going to try it out, @nakitakona13, and see how it works

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    That麓s a great idea. It麓s hard for me to tag people with the names are hard to pronounce for me.

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    @dwdavis there is no need going to the profile page. Just point the curser on the users name and check the link appearing on the lower left of the computer screen. It would contain a username. E.g it appears blogjob/members/dwdavis when someone points curser at yours.

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      DW Davis

      Thank you, @henry. Knowing that will make it much easier to tag.

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    Lee Ka

    What I always do is: right click on the name, then select “Copy Link Location” (FireFox) or “Copy Link Address” (Google Chrome), then paste them in the comment box. Remove the rest, but leave the username, and add with the prefix @.

    By doing this, I won’t misspell the username. 馃檪

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