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      Can anyone tell me how to use StumbleUpon to maximise earnings? I cannot understand how it works.

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      Bharat Sharma

      Although I don’t understand it completely but as far as I understand when you join, you are asked to follow topics of your interest. After this, stumbleupon will present you with articles,vidoes,photos of the choices you’ve made. You can vote up or vote down ( or say stumbble up or stumble down) those articles,videos etc and it will help the stumble upon algorithm to understand your choices in better way and then they are able to present content that you are more likely to like. The content that gets stumbled down ( by you or by others ) is not presented to stumblers so often because down vote shows that the content is not worthy to be presented before the stumblers. On the other hand, the content which gets stumble up ( up vote) gets featured more frequently and to large audience because stumble upon software consider these stumble up signs as up vote and consider the content as worthy to be presented more frequently and to larger audience.

      Now,how this is useful to writers is when we write an article then we can submit it to stumbleupon directory (with the help of stumble upon extension) and then stumbleupon software present it to their audience (based on various factors). Audience rates your content by either giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down. If you get a lot of thumbs up then it means your articles will be presented to larger audience which means more traffic to your articles, and if you get a lot of thumbs down then your articles will get buried down somewhere in the dark corners of internet.

      One of the important part of using stumbleupon and reddit is to share content of other authors more and your content once in a while as communities of both these websites hate self promotion.

      This is all I know.

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        Great explanation @bharatsharma

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      Thank you so much @barbrad and @bharatsharma08. Great explanation and I am sure this will prove useful to all those who like me, want to increase the visibility of our blog posts.

      Thanks once again.

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      Adelee Gals

      Thanks for the informations and I understand now.

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      Stumbleupon does help with traffic to blogs and articles.

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