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      Yes, this forum will definitely be for passionate Star Wars fans! May the Force be with you! Any new Star Wars updates here as well! Who’s excited for the new movies!?

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      I’m excited. Fair bad about the Harrison’s ankle though. He is said to be out of filming for a few weeks.

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      Yea I heard about that. I am sure he will be fine and that Abrams will just start working on other things.

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      Oh dude, you have now idea how excited I am about Episode VII. I will admit that I am a tad leery that it is going to be a Disney production; but on the flip side I guess we should be very grateful to them or otherwise I have a hard time actually seeing VII, VIII, or XIV (7, 8, or 9, for those that don’t know Roman numerals).

      Admittedly, I am trying not to read too much about the story and all the other news, rather true or false, that pops up because I desire to walk into the theater with the same fresh eyes I did when I first saw Star Wars the first time at a drive-in; filled with awe and inspiration. I truly am curious how the movie will fit in with all the novels that came out; I do know that they say Episode VII will take place 30 years after the events of Episode VI Return of the Jedi. That is where my confusion is because all of the time line in the novel series is after the events of Episode IV A New Hope.

      In closing, very exciting times and I look very forward to seeing it and the remaining two.

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      Yes completely agree. I heard that too but they also announced that anything other than the movies and the show on Disney Channel is not canon! So, we can’t rely on what the novel series might even mention!

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      Can honestly say i hate the newer star wars my favorite is the trilogy

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      Yayyy – hello my people! LOL My husband and I have conversations just based on Star Wars! I am so excited to see what happens with the new movie.

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      I watched some, I do love the whole space thing and the plot of the movie

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      I can honestly say I’m not big on Star Wars. I don’t mind it but I’m not crazy for it either.

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      I have complete sets on both VHS and DVDS I am si excited about the new ones coming out wow love it

Viewing 9 reply threads
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