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      Let us post myths here people kept on believing since years even if those myths did not have any base.

      Post it in format


      I begin with

      Myth: Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian
      Reality: There are many evidences that he ate pigeons. In none of his speeches, he spoke in favor of vegetarianism. He was once treated with protein serum made of bull’s testicles. Till 1937, he was a consumer of meat. Though he did adopt vegetarianism by end of his life. His Doctors suggested him to go for vegetarian diets.

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      Myth: Most wild mushrooms are poisonous.

      Reality: Most mushrooms are edible, though a person wouldn’t necessarily like eating them. Only a few species of mushrooms are deadly, quite a few are poisonous, but only to the point of giving a person the cramps or giving them diarrhea. There are actually more choice mushrooms than there are deadly ones.

      related –

      Myth: Button or white mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, cremini mushrooms and champignon mushrooms are all different mushrooms.

      Reality: These are all exactly the same species of mushroom. Portobello mushrooms are merely this kind of mushroom that has been allowed to grow until the cap has opened completely. Still, these are all different common names for the same mushroom. Incidentally, this mushroom is *not* considered to be a choice mushroom, though it is the most commonly sold mushroom in stores and in cans.

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