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      Are there any other smokers here on BJ? If so, have any of you ever tried switching to E-Cigs? If so, how did that go? Were you able to fully make the switch to E-Cigs only?

      Do you think E-Cigs are just as harmful as real ones? Which do you prefer, if you’re a smoker of either.

      I personally have tried several E-Cigs, and all have either not done the trick and only costed me more $, or caused horrendous headaches. Still hoping to try to kick the habit at some point in life, though!

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      I have never heard of them.

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      my husband used to smoke e-cigs as well..and yes it has differnt flavors too..

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      Yvanne Garcia

      Never did. I don’t smoke.

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      I haven’t but would like to try them. What brands have you used?

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      I use ecigs instead of traditional cigarettes and really enjoy them. I use the lowest nicotine level available, 0.6%. However, I don’t use tobacco flavored fluids, opting for a heavy menthol instead.

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      GrannyV, that sounds pretty good!

      To answer the question above, I actually have not used many myself, but did try one cheaper brand (not the kind that uses fluid) from the gas station called Vuse. Unfortunately, it was causing my headaches to worsen, and didn’t seem to “feel” the same as the real thing to me, so I didn’t do well switching over and just went back to smoking.

      Now that I just read something last week that said studies were done on E-cigs and found really high levels of formaldehyde in them, I am not so motivated to even bother switching over from the real thing. If I knew for certain the health effects of the e-cigs would be far less than real ones, I’d definitely make the switch, no matter what. But knowing that there’s little information regarding the dangers of them, I am not going to jump on the bandwagon just yet. Hopefully, research will prove that the E-cigs are healthier! I hope that’s the case, and that would be incentive for me to go to great lengths to actually make the switch. Otherwise, I am afraid the damages are as bad as the real thing. ;(

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      Yes, there’s something really unique about smoking the E-Cigs. They don’t have the same ‘feel’ as smoking a cigarette. Unfortunately, not as satisfying! :/

      They even have flavors for them. These are huge among the kids here in the US. In fact, I’m pretty certain the market is booming mostly due to kids. It’s crazy! They have them in non-nicotine, but I do know several kids who became addicted (kids in my family, sadly enough.)

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