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      Even though it is still winter, Spring is just around the corner, and then next it is Summer or bikini season. Who wants to shed some pounds for the summer? Lets keep each other accountable and on track! 🙂

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      Cool idea! You should create a group dedicate to this idea you have!

      I am not exactly trying to lose weight, but am pretty dedicated to fitness and exercise, and am working pretty diligently on sculpting my muscles, especially my abs, which are one of my target areas at the moment! I’ll gladly buddy up with you to motivate and inspire each other!

      I found it extremely tough (if not downright grueling) to actually become dedicated and disciplined with exercise. I HATED to do it and up until last summer, I would always give up and stop following my routine.

      However, I’ve really managed to put my all into it this time and have not stopped since last summer. I’ve even been able to get to a point where I kind of somewhat enjoy exercise! I would tell myself everyday that I was addicted to exercise and could not stand to go a day without it. In reality, I despised it, but it worked — I was able to ‘trick’ myself into believing that I actually had to exercise every day! Lol.

      I think you should create a group for weight/exercise/fitness goals! I will join and be involved. 😉

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