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      At first there was a sharp drop in points on activities on Blogjob… then I came to notice that members have stuck on 1077, something that drove me to investigate what is happening. I logged out and tried to initiate a new registration process.. Oops! I received a message that the site is no longer accepting new members. Now, I do feel scared that something not good is happening.. do you feel the same?

      See the screen shot at

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      This raises a lot of unanswered questions, but I hope that things will be straightened and things go back to normal.

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      Kimberly Brown

      It is because the owner is working on fixing issues with others not getting points for who they refer. Should be no worries @waflay

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      I know the drop in activity is related to the reduction of point amounts and that some users were more active in the Activity section than on the blogs in the first place. I wouldn’t worry too much abut that. It’s normal for people to be upset about changes such as point reductions, but I think the activity will eventualy return.

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      Can’t say anything as it’s too early to say. Let the admin clear if there is anything wrong but I’m sure he will hold the community. For the meantime he may not accept new members because of several reasons. However, it shouldn’t be a permanent problem.

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      Stephanie C

      I know I was having trouble getting credit for referring people… I’m glad that he’s working on it. I think everything will be just fine. Hang in there, and keep writing.

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      That’s alarming! I know that the points were reduced because it wasn’t brining the site any money. And makes sense because I doubt that the site will get much if any for social interactions. The fact that they are no longer excepting new members does concern me and I couldn’t imagine what’s going on there. I hope that this site continues to grow for all of us! I’d be devastated without it.

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      I’m sure its a technical issue..

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