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      It’s obvious people tend to date partners that they know in person but with the advances in technology online dating has emerged.Is it really viable to find romance through online means?Have your say!

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      It’s a big no from me you can’t date with person that you saw or find by online dating site or other social networking site. We have to meet, spend some time to know what the reality is, isn’t it?

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      I cannot count on that because it is not easy to know the type of the person you are dating online. You might be just another person on the queue for her heart.

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      Online dating is fine to “meet” people, but in order for relationships to last or have a chance, there must be in person meetings. You can talk and talk to someone online, but if that connection isn’t there in person, it won’t work.

      Always be safe when meeting, meet in public places, and don’t talk to people way out of your zone of radius.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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