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      Lacey Hayward

      Today is a very sad day today, as I went to bubblews to check on my articles, and the website has been taken down. I know people hasnt been happy with it latley, but it used to be so good for writing articles. I blame the cheaters for this happening.

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      You were late. LOL! Bubblews is dead, shut down for I think more than 3 weeks now.

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      Anne Farmer

      They lead people on for too long, I feel bad for those who had still kept their faith in them for months like that. You couldn’t tell them otherwise though.

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      Grecy Garcia

      You blame the cheaters? you also need to blame the kids who managed the site for so long. We trusted them and they broke our hearts.

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      Bubblews was a great site and I know some complained about having payment issues and other issues but I enjoyed it. I was disappointed when Bubblews went under.

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      I never did get paid after redeeming in June last year, which is disappointing after all my effort.

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      It was always on the cards, but its time to move on, we now have even better platforms including blogjob 🙂

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      Stephanie C

      What?! I was like three bucks from being able to cash out there… man… I should’ve been more diligent about following up on that. Good riddance, I guess. That site was a mess.

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      Bubblews is my first writing site. They have a good start but was not able to manage it.

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      It was a good site till it was paying. my first online earning was from bubblews.

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      I think people are finding it hard to get over the demise of Bubblews. I guess I can sort of understand why, because at the height of its success people were really raking it in. I never got to enjoy that, so it going down has not affected me at all.

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      Peggy Francoeur

      Yes, I little late in chiming in on this but I just joined Blogjob last week. Anyway, I was also a member of Bubblews. I was for almost two years, but than at the beginning of 2015 I left because I was starting to see some major cracks forming there. So, I didn’t have any money in the system very little, sad thing I know someone that I referred over to them who lost over twenty dollars when they shut down. I guess it came down to their terms and conditions they weren’t obligated to pay us anything. It’s still sad to think about though this was a great blogging website at one time.

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      It has been a long time that Bubblews gone down. It is not only the cheaters should be blamed of. The management is not that organized and the random changes of site’s rules. That a big sign of business failure.

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      Rachael A. Orbach

      I’m sorry to hear that it is gone, I posted a bit.

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      I have a very bad experience in the defunct Bubblews. I had a more than $300 of unpaid redemption. Cheaters were really aplenty. They couldn’t be controlled.

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      DW Davis

      Sweeble is run by Arvind and a couple of his Bubblews cronies but it is a mobile sharing site. I haven’t checked it out but from what I’ve heard it is kind of a low budget SnapChat type of thing.

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