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      What religious belief do you follow?

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      Kimberly Brown

      I was born a baptist and am now a christian.

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      I would not say that I “follow” religion, per se. By that, I mean religion as in the whole ritualistic rules and regulations that are typically followed in religion. If you’ve ever heard of “God Hates Religion,” then that explains my feelings towards it well. However, I do believe in God & have been Christian my entire life, and always will be, but instead of looking at my beliefs or “religion” as a set of rules to follow — or else go to hell — in life. Instead of really taking part in the religious stuff, which is what I was taught growing up in church all my life, the way to best describe it is I am “spiritual,” if that makes sense. Not in the way that it’s an excuse to sin or anything as I am aware of the 10 commandments and I do try to follow those, but more than anything, I lead a spiritual life where I kind of went about “looking within” to find God inside of myself. Sounds really odd, I know, but… Well, you always read about it in the bible that God is within you, but that statement never made full sense to me until, well, until it finally did. A man named Joshua Tongol who speaks to groups about religion and all things God helped me to understand things. A lot of what he’s said resonates with me, about who God really is.

      I like to have a relationship with God, to communicate/pray, try to be “closer to God,” and that sort of stuff that most Christians typically do, but I don’t follow a lot of the beliefs or really make too big a deal about “how we’re ‘supposed’ to live” because I don’t feel like we were all meant to live exactly how people who wrote the bible lived, and I’ve found that a lot of “religion” focuses on that — on being a certain way — rather than on simply getting to know God, listening and believing, which when you do those things and they really come from the heart, then you’re most likely going to live like a person of Christ in turn.

      Not sure if any of that made sense, especially since I’m dozing off, but I tried. 😉 Lol. It’d be interesting to know more about you guys’ and your beliefs, so I’m glad you posted this discussion. I always like learning how other people live and what is important to them.

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      I follow and believe in the only true religion left in this world, Islam.

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      I am a Muslim and I follow Islam. All religions are wonderful in their own way. Religious people have that wonderfl smile on their face and they look so calm.

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      I am also a Muslim. We consider Islam a way of life and not just a religion.

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      Lisa Marie

      I am a lost Catholic finding my way back. Been Catholic since I was little. Sort of stopped going to church for awhile. Two days ago I went and actually focused a bit more than I ever have in awhile. I felt happy that day, which I haven’t felt for some time after a mass. And I usually leave early; however, this time I stayed til Communion. After receiving Communion was when I left. Even though that’s still early… it’s more time spent with God than I have done in months at a church.

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      Jeanette Hall

      Basic Christianity belief with a healthy amount of skepticism. Was raised in a faith that was more interested in money than helping others. So I changed denominations in college. Last time I was a member of a church it was a Methodist church.

      Have had friends from many different religions since I left home for college.

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      Every religion teaches only good.

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      I’m a Christian and don’t have religion. But I believe in God.

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      I’m an ordained non-denominational christian reverend, though I rarely preach anymore. I’m currently a member of the Assembly of God Church, and proudly so.

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      It is a private business between God and me.

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      I am a Hindu by birth but I respect all religions. I believe in spirituality.

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      Simona Abdi

      No matter which religion we are following, because the god-if there is a god- is only one, regardless the name given to him.

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      Thank you @misswulans

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