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      I have always felt that children stand to be corrected for any wrong-doing. But I think that it’s wrong to outdo it resulting in harming the child physically or even killing.So sad in my country,a mother beat her 9-year old daughter to death when she failed to account where she got some money from.

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      I think that children should be taught right from wrong but not with physical harm at all. They can be punished in another way so that they learn but hitting a child or worse yet beating it is just horrible. It disgusts me that anyone would feel that they have the right to hurt a poor defenseless child like that. If only we had to get a licence of some sort to be able to have kids because there are so many parents who are just too unfit to handle children.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I can not even discuss this topic. Too much wrong about how children die due to neglect parents.

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