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      What about you makes you proud and why?

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      I am proud to be a writer because my words can change lives and it’s a powerful tool.
      I am proud of being a mom because my kids are awesome.
      I guess I’m just proud of my life. I’m not perfect, but my life is perfect for me.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I am proud of myself for working and going to college to make a better life for me and my family.

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      Stephanie C

      I am proud of myself for being a good mom. Not many people would be willing to make the sacrifices I have, and I’ve done it basically by myself. My hubby is always away, and I don’t have any family close by. I am grateful that my husband can pay our bills, but sometimes I feel like I’m raising our child by myself.

      I am also proud that I was able to get my Bachelor’s degree. Education is very important to me, and I would have felt really behind in life if I hadn’t gotten it by the time my baby was born.

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      I am proud that I never give up on myself. I always push forward. I have earned 2 Advanced Degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s) in less than 10 years.

      I’m proud of myself for getting Unique Views on my Beauty Within Blog 🙂 yay! My Highest views come from Pinterest!! 🙂

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      I am proud of my son who is a chartered accountant.

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