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      Now that we’ve had an update, I am struggling with the product widgets because the “help” section states that Amazon products will be shown in the widgets.

      I had an Amazon Associates’ account until 2006. That year, the US economy crashed and states started looking for ways to maintain tax revenues. One option was having internet companies pay state taxes on purchases and other transactions. My state wanted Amazon to pay taxes on all of their transactions, the way other companies have.

      As soon as Amazon got wind of the changes, they dropped all of the affiliates and associates in my state. It is only natural that I now refuse to purchase anything from
      Amazon, unless forced to, and I cannot have their products on my blog. I have no assurance that Amazon would actually pay me, because of my location and their policies.

      Can we use those widgets for other products or other companies?

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      Really great question! I’d like to know the answer, too, now that you bring it up. I can’t say for sure as I don’t recall ever seeing where the answers to this were laid out, but it seems like it’d be okay. Better to wait and see if an admin can answer this directly though. Thanks for asking this.

      Oh, and I don’t blame you ONE BIT for boycotting Amazon for doing that. Ugh! They also put my account on hold — my Mturk account where I’d been working for over a year and abruptly, they suspended my ability to even access my $! All because they asked me to randomly, after a year into it, fill out a form including my SSN and I ended up filling it out and they kept emailing me still, telling me to send in the form. I did! I would try to re-fill it all out but Amazon won’t let you. It takes you to a page saying “you’ve already completed this required blah, blah.” I explained this numerous times to Amazon and all they could tell me was “shop around and please peruse our policies, etc.. yadda, yadda..” Horrendous customer service reps who are incoherent.

      Oops! Got on a rant there. Sorry about that. Just know this: I’m with you on the Amazon thing! I thought I was the only one screwed over by them.. 🙁 Sorry you were, too.

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