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      Why is everyone so afraid to talk politics? Is it fear of confrontation of opposing views, fear of opposition in day-to-day affairs, or perhaps is it the frustration built up between not having a full grasp on what is going on today and what isn’t going on today that should be? Is it the lack of information or the excess of too much information? What sparks an educational political conversation verses a back-and-forth banter than leaves everyone in “tears” of frustration? Why do we care… or not care? Can we afford to care? Or why can’t we afford to not care?

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      I’m not afraid to talk about political or social issues that I’m familiar with because I care about, but there are some topics I avoid. For example, I won’t shy away from discussing women’s reproductive choices or school shootings but god knows I won’t touch international issues with a million foot pole. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me it’s because there are issues I’m not familiar with. I can defend what I say about women’s health and school shootings because I actively read up on those topics. I, um, don’t know what the deal is in, say, the Middle East and Russia/Ukraine.

      The problem with discussing politics is that you can’t just say what you feel. You almost have to be an “expert” in whatever the topic is.

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      Corey Ryne

      politics are crooked. bout to move out of the usa and just go underground. gets worse every day. theyre all liars anyways

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      I hate politics with a passion. So many lies and deception.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I am not afraid to talk about it.

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      Politics bring about a lot controversies that no one would want to pursue.

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