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      Hey everyone,

      I love writing short stories, children genre books and poetry.
      Poetry is something really special, it is even a healing for me in tough times.
      We could share poems written by you or others if you are interested in this topic.

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      I just wrote a poem on my site. I love the idea that I can share short poems on this site and be rewarded for it 🙂

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      I love to read poetry! Unfortunately I’m not as good at writing my own, although that doesn’t stop me trying every now and then. My problem is that when I write, it doesn’t always flow nice. But I suppose that will come with practice.

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      Poetry is the in thing. I am setting up a site right now to share my poems, anyone with a poem share it for everyone to read and comment

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      I think,
      Poems and poetry,
      Should at least make some sense.
      A way to set your mind free,
      And perhaps make one a little less tense!

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      Poetry is the essence of language.
      Without the love of poetry;
      You are barbaric.

      Poetry is like art, sculpture, dance, music.
      Without understanding the language it is nothing.

      OK, that was simply a small little bit of poetry I just formed to share here. It just goes to show that even if it isn’t full of finesse it is still poetry. If one loves poetry then they should write it. If they feel they are bad at it, well, then that is all the more reason to create it. I consider myself a poet above all else; who just so happens to have written other things. I recently published some books this year; an erotic novel, a small book of poetry, and just recently a book of erotic short stories. Before this year is concluded I will have published two more books of poetry. Look I’m not going to tell you the names of my books or where you can find them. However, if you are interested simply search my name and my work may just pop up. Or if you really would like more information then please feel free to contact me through a message.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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