Please advice this lady, What can she do?

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      She is five months pregnant but still unmarried.
      The time she mentioned to her boyfriend of 1 year, he tells her that he would kick the baby out of her belly.

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      I think she needs to live her life and leave that man alone for he does not deserve to have her.

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      Stephanie C

      She should focus on herself… no one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

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      I agree with the others. She needs to forget about him if he’s not being supportive. If she thinks she’s not able to handle the baby alone, she can consider adoption… there are tons of parents wanting to have kids that can’t.

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      I think she needs to remove herself from the situation. This sounds like it could become an abusive relationship very soon if it’s not already.

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      she should live her life. with or without her boyfriend, life still goes on and on. we are the captain of our own lives.. she may loose the father, at least she’ll have the baby soon.. i am also 5 month pregnant. fortunately, bf is very happy about it. even not, id continue my life. our lives (baby’s and mine!)

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      First her boyfriend is a sick and a bad guy who don’t deserve anything good. Meanwhile, his girlfriend who is pregnant should continue her life as it was before and should thanks to God for having him a baby. She deserves good because now she is very especial, she will become a mother of a beautiful boy or a cute girl.

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      Live your life. You’re not the only one who experienced that.

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      Kimberly Brown

      Drop the abuser and take care of her and the child.

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      I agree I think she should avoid him maybe even get a restraining order and live her life. I think that’s horrible when a man can’t face his responsibility of parenthood. We are all scared to raise a child the woman is stuck w/the burden of carrying it. The least a man can do is take care of the life he created.

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      What a horrible man! I also agree with everybody else, since the man’s made his stance very clear, she should pack her bags and leave him. That way, both herself and her baby will be safe.

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