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      I’m currently looking for a job, but I am also interested in getting my septum pierced. I’m worried that I won’t get hired with a facial piercing because of somethings that I’ve heard from friends. What have your experiences been? Any advice?

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      I think it is becoming more socially accepted along with tattoos. I guess it all depends on what type of company or work you are looking at. Do you have choices of what you can get it pierced with?

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      I used to have a septum piercing and typically it didn’t cause me any issues because I would just flip it up for job interviews. Some of my jobs actually didn’t care that I had the piercing, but when I worked in a more ‘strict’ office I would just flip it up. It healed pretty fast too so I had no issue flipping it up 🙂

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      My friend had her tongue pierced and was asked to remove it when she was at work. She worked as a photographer at a JCP photo studio.

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      Ashley P.

      I knew a college classmate that had hers done, she would just flip the piercing up. Like inside her nose so nobody could see it.

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        Oh yea. There’s that option. I could see that working just fine for the septum piercing. I don’t know about for tattoos, though. Lol. Can’t really tuck them anywhere except under clothing.

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      Honestly, I feel like the whole piercing/tattoo prevents you from getting a job ideal is becoming outdated. I see all kinds of places now allowing tattooed, pierced employees and without requiring them to be covered up. Fast food (at least here where I’m from) seems not to mind it. I imagine there are still many places that frown upon it, although I think that’s silly. I also think it’s dependent upon the area in which you live, too. For example, the downtown area near my city is totally okay with that stuff. Most all of those places have employees with piercings and tattoos. But other areas close to me, you see far less of those employees. I think it really depends on the place you’re applying. Fast food, probably won’t mind. A bank, though? I don’t know about them. They’d probably require the work to be covered or removed during your work hours. Stores like clothing shops and more eccentric shops (like what we have downtown here) definitely don’t have problems hiring you with tattoos and piercings.

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      Amber R.

      Not really related to a piercing, but I remember one time that a lady had the nerve to scold me about how having a tattoo was morally wrong and huge sin. She was nice enough until she found out I have one. I was a cashier at the time, so unfortunately I just had to smile and nod at her horrible opinion.

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      Amalthea Hustles

      At my last workplace, employees were allowed to have visible tattoos as long as they weren’t obscene. It was actually kind of comforting. If only we were allowed to have different colored hair…

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      Emily Hargrove

      I think progress is being made in that department, but you’re still going to have a harder time than you would if you didn’t have the piercing. Unfortunately, the law allows people to judge their workers based on piercings, tattoos, hair color, etc, and to me, that’s discrimination.

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      I wouldn’t do it any visible pericings or tattoos might make it harder to find employment.

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