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      What is some of your pet peeves? One of mine is seeing pictures of huskies laying out in the snow with sayings that make it sound like the dog is being abused by being locked out there. Huskies love to sleep in the snow and are built to do that.

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      People who are rude.
      People who go out of their way to hurt animals, like speeding up to hit a cat.
      People who abandon pets.
      People who crank up their music at all times of the day and night without regard to anyone else.
      People who yell and scream at someone because of something the person had nothing to do with and couldn’t have changed.
      Abusive parents.
      People who take advantage of others.

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      This is beyond a pet peeve for me, but I cannot deal with animal abuse. Even animals I am not a fan of deserve to live good lives. Even the deer that trample through our yard and leave behind flea-infested droppings (?) that infect out cats deserve to live good lives. I will not accept people who think animal abuse of any kind to any animal is hilarious or acceptable.

      Another pet peeve is when people act like they know me better than I know myself. This one is hard to explain, but it boils down to me thinking they should sit down and shut up about matters that I do in fact know something about. This would be an interesting topic to blog about!

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      Grecy Garcia

      Me too, that is beyond being a pet peeve, I hate it to the deepest of my thought. My pet peeves are gruesome pictures, those who are telling me exactly what they want and not doing it. Those who are clearly a liar, those who brag about an achievement not totally them, achievement stealer? There are lots to mention actually.

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      RUDE people, people who can never seem to find anything nice to say about others. All they focus on are the negatives, but they dress it up as something else like say concern. I can’t stand them and try to steer well clear of them.

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      People who think they know it all those who kill pets just because they know they can rude and obnoxious people

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      Anne Farmer

      My pet peeves?
      1. Repeating the same things over and over.
      2. Watching too much TV, it is totally unproductive to me!
      3. Drunks
      4. Manipulation tactics, I absolutely can tell when someone does this and it’s too often anymore in my family.
      5. Those who blame the wrong people.
      6. Liars
      7. Adults acting like they’re 6 yr old.
      8. Abusive people in general

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