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      I have found people in my life to be quite negative when it comes to blogging. When people ask me what I like doing and I tell then they have an expression of ignorance.

      Have you found anyone to be negative towards yours?

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      I hope I don’t sound harsh here but your whole post is slightly, well, lacking in sufficient information to go on to really respond.

      However, if you are referring strictly to blogging, then when it comes to me, I still can’t give you to much of an answer. One, I am very new to blogging; one might even say virginal. lol. See I just starting my blogging experience not more then four days ago.

      I guess my beef right now is that I am not getting as many comments and reviews as I would like on what I’m putting out there. Though I know it takes time; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that people are reading it but never bother to leave a comment.

      Now, in answer to your question outside of blogging as to finding that people are negative regarding a passion. That is a resounding yes; sadly, it comes mainly from family. They don’t think anything will come of my writing and publishing and books and would prefer that I focus on more important things like finding work. Granted work is important considering the enslavement that those in power has put humanity in with placing so much importance on money.

      Oh boy, I really strayed there so I think I will bring this to a close and say you just keep on doing what you love and don’t give a damn what anybody says; including me.

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      I think whenever you tell someone that you are doing something different than what they are doing or what they are used to doing, they either have nothing to say or can be on the negativie side. You have to just do what it you know is right for you to do and eventually they come around. When I told people in my life that this is what I wanted to do, the initial reaction was on the negative side as well and uncertainty and on the negative side. Until I actually did it and read my blog. Now they all think it’s great, which I think is pretty hilarious…

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      No one in my life really knows this is what I do.

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      Kimberly Brown

      Everyone is very supportive of me blogging and working online in my life right now. I am very happy I have people who support me and what I do.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I personally have not had anyone who was negative because I would so be negative to what they did in life.

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      This is a very backwards reaction from what I expected as my mom is often the hardest on me, but she is so proud because she says she always knew that my happiness and talents were in writing and she is happy for me. She said “I always knew one day you’d get paid for writing.” And while anyone in the world can start a blog, it take dedication to keep it up even when it feels like you’re just talking to yourself.

      So my friends who are usually very supportive have bandied around the words “Not real work” “But you like to write” “I don’t understand, so you just write?”

      I don’t know, do you JUST wipe noses at the preschool? Do you JUST count money all day?

      But you know what? I am the lucky one because I will take every single experience, every positive and negative thing and I will turn it into a blog post.

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      Most people in my life don’t know that I do it. My boyfriend knows that I do online work but we haven’t talked too much about it. My Mom seems to be supportive of it but hasn’t said too much on what she thinks about it.

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      I don’t think anyone takes me seriously about it all! But the culture where I live is not one that thinks writing is a real profession! And even though I don’t do it full time like some people do, I do enjoy it so much and hope to eventually do it full time.

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      Stephanie C

      Only a few of my family members know about my online writing jobs. My mom and husband are glad that I’ve found a way to bring in a little extra income, but everyone else thinks I’m crazy and working too hard for too little pay. I just ignore the negativity.

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      Few friends know that I am blogging, and once we go into a new interest we should be aware of that there will be changes in our social environment.

      So to the point if people are negative, no. If people ask what I do, and I say blogging, then they consider it to be something to do in sparetime and not making money on, then I would express that; I am in network marketing and I domake money on networking, but very few are negative, they are more skeptic etc.

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      Some people think that blogging is boring. And some who knows that I do such thing says that they are not into writing and it bores them. And that they cannot do such thing sitting in front of the computer the whole time just to write. There are really some negative people but I tend to be deaf in every negative things they are saying.

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      For me most people that I know don’t know that I blog. For those that do many haven’t read my writing. I am hard on myself and even though I assume I have improved a great deal over the years I don’t think that I am good enough. So I would be nervous and maybe a bit embarrassed to share my work with those that I know. Maybe once I had been a blogger and written for say 10,000 hours and mastered being a blogger than I may consider it.

      Perhaps a few years more or so. lol

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      I haven’t told anyone that I am into blogging since I am yet to make a significant breakthrough. When you achieve great success through blogging people will on their own try to find out what you do and the story will be better told

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      EXACTLY. People don’t understand why we blog because some just don’t care not knowing this is much better than wasting time on facebook for hours.

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      I do not tell people about this

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      We are here as one family and no one is above the admin for we are all paid here as bloggers. Respect is important to grow , prosper and gain nice friends.Let us be kind to everyone.

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      Anne Farmer

      I have that from using a computer alone, not just blogging. One person has always hated computers and won’t ever use one. I think it’s because she just doesn’t understand how to use one. She has always been jealous of me using a computer, even if it has brought me and others their money. Heck it’s brought her money too indirectly without having to do a thing. She should be grateful but instead she is a miserable wench about it.

      I can’t tell you how much grief I’ve been through with just that person whose been a real issue in my life. It’s a long story to get into but she thinks I’m “playing” on here all day long when that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Ridiculous!

      By the way, just keep on blogging and don’t think about the others who have a negative outlook on it. There are many blogs on the internet and many of them very informative, they just don’t realize where all the information comes from.

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      This is always what has reminded me: in everything there is always an opposition. So wherever I go, what I do there is always a negative reaction. This morning I have posted a comment or a post in a certain forum here stating the terribly hot weather we have in our place. The one who has nothing to comment reacted negatively.

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      We can’t please everybody. If we take in those negatives then we are at the losing end. I just do what I do and I enjoy writing. I don’t care if people around me finds it boring.

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      Most of my family and friends don’t know I am blogging and so have not been able to carve an opinion of me with respect to my blogging. This is so because I am new to blogging

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      my husband supports me with blogging…as well as friends and family members.. my colleagues are really surprised when they learned I am into blogging and would like to me to teach them how to… i guess blogging is “in” in this generation..

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      Most people do not know I blog. I blog because I enjoy it. 🙂

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