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      Have you overcome something? What was it?

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      Working on overcoming some depression-like symptoms… And… GULP………. A bit of an addiction.

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      So much you can’t even believe. I have overcome hating myself 365 days of the year, now I think I’m down to about half of that and I will work on more. I am not kind to myself at times. I am kind to everyone else and so I wish that I was the kind of friend to myself that I am to others lol

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        Aw Pegasus — your shared experiences always have a way of touching my heart. You’re so amazingly raw and open and this is so refreshing! 🙂 I love that. I can relate to a bit of self-loathing. Took a few years for me to find peace with myself! 🙁 It’s almost like we are taught (especially females) from early on to not like ourselves. That is my impression lately, anyways. I’ve been kind of tuning in to this whole “love yourself” stuff and have noticed that mostly, it’s looked down upon to even take care of yourself. I recently blogged about this! 😉 Great minds.. Think alike.

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      For me,overcoming my shyness is something I’ve been working on. I’ve gotten better than I was (with people I know), but its still hard to talk to “strangers” in the coffee shop…. damn protective parents…

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      I overcame being my worst enemy and instead turned into my very best friend. In doing that, I also went from being a constant victim of life, to an active creator of my own reality. Once I freed myself of the things that held me back, I discovered so many great things like how strong, resourceful, creative, beautiful, amazing and awesome I am. I have found the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of me to my own Self.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I have overcame many things in my life. The biggest thing for me was getting rid of being afraid of heights. I got over that as a child.

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      Yes I do have overcome to things that was not beyond my control I just have to accept and keep moving.

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