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      Oooh! I can’t believe this, but it’s almost a new year! I always make new year’s resolutions, and look forward to them around this time each year. I give a lot of thought to what my resolutions will be. I actually make several throughout the year, but always go for a big, much-needed one when we start off a brand new year.

      By the end of the year, I always look back and see great results from all my resolutions, so I never fail to really make great big ones.

      So what about ya’ll? Will you be making a resolution this new year? What will it be? Have you given it any thought? Or do resolutions typically backfire for you?

      If you’re like me, they inspire and motivate you. I think some of my biggest growth points have come from making my yearly resolutions.

      I can’t wait to hear some of yours!

      I’m still giving this upcoming new years resolution thought, but have some ideas of what mine will be. Not 100% yet, though.

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      Yvanne Garcia

      I don’t have any yet but I always have a new year’s resolution every year but fail to do it.

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      I don’t usually have any new year’s resolution because I know I will just break them and it will just frustrate me 🙁

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      Robert Stukowski

      I never make New Years resolutions. No one achieves them. Besides, you should aim for your goals all the time and not begin them at some arbitrary point.

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      i haven’t made even the number 1 in my list. but i will be making before the year ends and i will try my best to realize those at the end of next year :)happy new year to all!

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      I mostly fail to meet the goals I set, so I rarely work to accomplist the year’s resolutions

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      Henry, well I don’t blame you for not making them then. A lot of people have their goals back fire. It’s just one of those things that depends upon the person, how busy their lives are, etc. It’s better not to make many if you know they back fire on ya.

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      just like what i have been thought all along:

      1) i am a jealous wife and friend.. i have to cut it out from my system
      2) i am not motivated to go to work. results, low pay because of late and absences
      3) i have gained back my weight.. DIET is now a must…
      4) husband and i are planning to start a business.. so we have to SAVE..SAVE..SAVE.. that is why #2 is very necessary

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      Wow, KendraLala! Sounds like you will have a lot to focus on. Congrats on setting high goals for yourself this new year. 😉

      Regarding jealousy, though, I wanted to share a little opinion, something I’ve come to learn about jealousy: it is a feeling. All feelings are *valid.* So, in my opinion and experiences, it seems the best way to deal with a feeling like jealousy is to get to the root of it, and heal whatever is in the way there, allow yourself to cover every block you find and don’t shy away from it. Let yourself really be honest and heal. 😉

      Hope all your wishes, goals and dreams come true! 🙂

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