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      I would like to ask a favor,

      Check you guys check my site Awesome travel deal

      1. let me know what you like about the site, i.e. layout, color,
      2. What you think it can be improved

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      Hey, I just finished looking over your travel website. I don’t travel enough to be able to speak from the perspective of someone who would regularly use this site, but I did have some thoughts about it in general.

      -There were some small grammar errors that you may or may not want to correct. For example, on your home page you had a section about Las Vegas deals and the comment said something like “Their is no place like Las Vegas.” I would recommend changing the “their” to “there”. I’m not sure how closely frequent travelers would pay attention to things like grammar but just in case, that might help boost website credibility.
      -If I were going to use a new travel website because I wanted the best deals, I would want to see specific reasons for why this site would benefit me more than other travel sites. In your “About Us” section, for example, maybe include a statement about how your business would save people money.
      -Does this website only work for people in a certain country or is it international-traveler friendly? Mostly I’m just curious.
      -I love the layout! Normally bright orange is not my thing, but for this site this color draws my eyes to what’s important for me to read. Have you received any other feedback about the color yet?

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      Thank you so much I need to look over carefully, when you are busy in it, you would be bury in it.

      It is international friendly, you can check your hotel and flights.

      And your feedback is the best I have so far

Viewing 2 reply threads
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