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      My boyfriend and I are thinking about moving away. Right now, we live in a small town in Arkansas and although I love the privacy of the country, there are some problems with living here. For example, jobs are difficult to find, do not pay well, and the cost of living is relatively high. It is also more difficult to be social out here in the country, with the closest metropolitan area being 45 minutes away. I don’t exactly want to live in a city, just somewhere less secluded. Any ideas? Preferably out of state.

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      oh, i’m from Philippines 🙁 I don’t know anything in your country. sorry

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      I think you need to weigh your options and consider the one that is gonna impact your life more positively.

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      I would check online. You can actually find little mini reviews for almost every town. It’s something done by Google, I believe. Could be wrong, but that sounds like the best way to go as it’s highly unlikely you’ll find anyone here who happens to live anywhere near you.

      I can definitely relate to your situation, though. It’s just like that here where I live — a very small town in the country and our nearest WalMart is 45 minutes away. However, I do not find it difficult to socialize. In fact, I find that it’s easier than in the city to run into friends and socialize.

      But I get where you’re coming from with the job thing and being secluded. It can be nice and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else because it’s so peaceful here and everyone is SO kind hearted. But of course priorities don’t always allow you to choose or have the best of both worlds.

      Wherever you end up, I hope ya’ll are happy and do well!

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