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      What is your most popular blog post on this site? You can check your stats on jetpack for each page.

      Mine has to be: Things to Do when you are bored.

      I get anywhere from one view to 10 or more per blog post according to jetpack site stats. On average I get about 3-5 views per blog post. That one above has gotten 48 views so far. The runner up is 22 views.

      Share your most popular one here and how many views it got. 🙂

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      For me, it’s my blog ‘random musings’.

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      Andria Perry

      Mine is learning to live free blog but I don’t know one exact post.

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      Anne Farmer

      I have no idea, I don’t get many views or comments on mine.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I have a popular blog that has 600+ views in totalled at present. It is a blog about Polynerv on my Message to the World Blogsite.

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      Mine would have to be Do you multi task?. I got a lot of responses to this one.

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