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      How can we get our blogs to make us more money? I make the usual .50 cents per blog post and make on average .2 cents per day with Chitika but I need to greatly increase my income on my blog. Any suggestions?

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      I would also be happy if someone here can guide us on making more money with our blogs.

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      I have Chitika but I’ve not yet earned anything from it.

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      Robert Stukowski

      I would like some advice as well.

      I know success requires being in the right niche as well, but I’m having trouble finding the right niches for me.

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        In my learning and my personal experience, it’s not so much about niche, really. Surprisingly enough, it seems to be more about how you *market* said niche. If you have the tools, skills, mind-set, drive and time (lots of it, if you’re trying to earn here), then you actually can make it in virtually any niche. It’s about building your audience, getting your content out there.

        Alexa ranking is important.
        Getting exposure from other popular sites and blogs will earn you traffic forever.

        SEO. Without any SEO knowledge, the blog is doomed. Be sure you’re always using relevant key words, headlines and everything. Seriously, SEO will determine whether or not your blog even shows up in search engines.

        Headlines are a whole ‘nother job in themselves, and they require a lot of work and knowledge because you have to learn what headlines catch readers’ attention, how to write grabby headlines, etc.

        Know your audience. Many blog gurus will tell you over and over: if you don’t know your audience, your blog might as well not exist. Who is reading? What are their interests?

        Once you’ve been able to answers those questions, you can *then* begin to market to them. What do THEY want to know? What type of info will they be searching for? What is new in the niche you’re writing? Any news related to it? Remember, keep up to date. Know what’s going on within the niche.

        Connect with others in your niche (this is quite important if you want to build a community that will not only serve you in the traffic department, but also increase your chances of being linked to, featured, etc. And I mean highly increase those chances.

        And the absolute most important thing is QUALITY content. If your blog does not contain quality content, then it will go nowhere. That’s just the raw truth.

        Deliver content on a regular basis and never ever choose quantity over quality, if you want readers at all. I see A LOT of bloggers here who are going with quantity over quality and well, no quality or low quality equals a blog that will never ever go anywhere.

        And even worse, if your content appears spammy in any way, you could even be blacklisted from search engines, meaning your content will never pop up in search engines!

        Spammy could even mean low-quality posts that contain too many links and too little content.

        Blogging requires a lot of know-how, yes, and there’s always something new to learn. You have to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the blogosphere if you want to be put out there.

        Heck, you can even take courses on everything you need to know to be a professional in this area. There’s SOOOOO much information out there that’s really important to take in, and learn. In my 5 years of blogging, I’ve probably devoured dozens of books, tutorials, lessons and courses just on marketing & SEO alone.

        There are experts out there who teach this stuff. A serious blogger finds it and puts it to use. Think Steve Pavlina, for example. IMO, anyone who is serious about blogging should be keeping up with as much of his stuff as possible. Jon Morrow, another example for you so you don’t have to do the digging to find the reputable experts. These guys are pros and they make a living (and a good one at that) teaching us bloggers how to become pros.

        Seriously, niche is not as important as quality content, marketing, SEO, etc. There’s so much potential in every niche.

        Do you mind if I ask what your niche is, exactly?
        I will put out some suggestions for you if you’ll enlighten me… Might be able to help! There are SO many resources that will help you learn a lot. And it’s very, very worth it. You could spend weeks learning just about headlines alone! In fact, I spent longer than learning about headlines when I took college classes.

        Last but not least: the “right” niche for you is something you are passionate (truly) about. If you aren’t passionate about your topic, unfortunately, you won’t give it your all, and won’t be willing to put in the time and effort it takes. It will show, too, if you lack passion on your subject. Also, the right niche will likely be something you’re an expert on, or something you’re so knowledgeable about that you can easily write about it for a long time to come. For example, I chose my hobby — crochet and knitting — for my blog here. My first blog that I started 5 years ago is more professional, yet not stiffly so. I am able to stick to the hard work for my blog here because I absolute adore my subject! I also love the community that comes with my niche.

        Think about those things. Heck, take some time to look at tons of other blogs to see if any of their topics grab your interest. What communities are you involved in online and off? Is there any websites, forums, groups online that you frequent and really get a kick out of? What about online magazines that you always find yourself checking into? Where do you go when you have free time? Where’s the place or thing you can’t seem to tear yourself away from when you have spare time?

        Ponder on those questions and you just might start getting somewhere with the niche that’s “right” for you! There are SO many to choose from. Dwell on it as long as you need. When you take time to do that, you come up with the best ideas!

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      Cris Christian

      I got it.

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      Wendy Rahilly

      Monetize it with affiliate links from places like Amazon or Clickbank. Add in your Google Adsense code. Product reviews is a good way to earn in combination with your affiliate links. Have a blog that is strictly about providing value and then add a page that gives a review of your home business. 🙂

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      Grecy Garcia

      Yes, there are some using Chitika and they are seeing a good increase on their views.

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      thats some great advice
      . i think traffic is the basic necessity for blog monetization.

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      I agree with you there. Also sharing as much as we can may help as well. 🙂

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      I enjoy reading different insights here. thank u! Will check out Chitika.

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      The money factor greatly depends on the type of articles you write and the traffic that you get on your blogs. Furthermore, the keywords and key phrases, and overall keyword density also determine search engine traffic to your article/blog.

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        do you know of any good sites that help you with SEO. They all cost money to join these day. Looking for something low cost.

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      Very good points. I’ll have to remember that. 🙂 Thank you.

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      John Conner

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      I started my blog on blogger and used chitika & Adhitz but found monetization of blog is too early for me. Still I’ve to learn a lot to do this.

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      I’m learning. One thing I know is that a blog without an active audience can be hard to write. Maybe that should be a separate post…anyway, thank you @Kendra for saying it first.

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      google adsense is the best way…you can also consider using an affiliate program on your blog

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      Grecy Garcia

      But it takes quite a long time to get approved with adsense that is why everyone was using Chitika.

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      how about using amazon? Write a product review and link to amazon

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      You can earn better through google adsense than Chitika but it harder to get accepted. Content, content, and content is one of the most important ingredient in successful blogging

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      my blog earn nothing for me as i’m not active there

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      chitika is very slow. you may consider using some affiliate program.

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      I can hardly earn anything from Chikita

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        Me too.. I removed chitika.. and was trying infolinks.. but haven’t earned even a cent in the past 2 months!

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        I used infolinks for awhile, it takes a long time to make anything with them

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      Grecy Garcia

      I haven’t check my Chitika account, actually I already forgot about this. I even do not have any idea if I will really from it. The site is slow.

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      blogging is alway a learn as you go thing. I have tried many different things over the years some work and some don’t. What works for me may not work for you. But, social media does help a lot.

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      0.20 on chitika per day is good
      that site hardly works for me

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