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      While I was studying in college, we had a discussion in our Sociology class about tradition among different countries in the world. Our college instructor had asked us to enumerate traditions which a country has been observing ever since it had been introduced. She mentioned these traditions of holding or celebrating a Holy Week, of holding festivities, of holding the family gathering, among others.

      Her point is the contribution made by those traditions to the people, to the country, and even to the rest of the world. Either they are good, beneficial or otherwise and we had to support our stand. We had different views. We had diverse experiences to share. Others pointed out the bad effects of those traditions which had to stop or else many lives would be claimed.

      Christianity had brought a lot of traditions among its followers like the festival, patronal pilgrimage, annual visit of their high priest or whatever. My classmates claimed that they are good practices. I didn’t react for I had a different faith.

      Now recently, I have realized that holding an annual festival or festivity for a thanksgiving by a certain city like ours is so important. I have realized how my family members, relatives who have been long away from us gather together for a grand family reunion in this momentous event in our city.

      We call this week-long annual festivity as Pasalamat Festival. It is a thanksgiving celebration by the native of our city for the good harvest they have in the year and for the goodness and blessings they receive from the Almighty by their unwavering faith and belief in His mercy and kindness.

      This month is the 37th Pasalamat Festival which will formally kick off from April 25 to May 1, 2016. This celebration will start with a Eucharistic Celebration at 5:00 in the afternoon at the city public plaza. The highlight of the activities may include the street dancing, the grand area dance competition and the search for the Festival Queen on the night of Saturday.

      It is the grand family reunion for everyone. This festival is always long by every native of our place to go home every year, not only for the merry-making but for the grand family reunion. What about you? Any traditions?

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