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      Tongue cleaning should be part of your daily oral cleaning. If the crevices, known as splits and cracks are not cleaned they will retain bacteria plaque. By cleaning your tongue it will reduce the amount of coating, bacteria and leftover food particles which can help prevent too decay, gum disease and bad breath.

      The following are tools your cause use for tongue cleaning:

      1. There are brushes on the market today designed for cleaning the tongue. The bristles are shorter and firmer than a regular toothbrush to prevent a gagging reflex.

      2. A tongue scraper to remove the odor-forming bacteria and there is no gag reflex verses a regular toothbrush.

      3. Your can also use a teaspoon with the concave surface facing the tongue. With the teaspoon you can clean further back on the tongue than you could with a regular toothbrush.

      Keep in mind: Not to scrub the papillae; taste buds present on the tongue.

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      This is indeed an informative guide on how to take care of our oral health. Mostly I would just use the soft bristle of my toothbrush for my tongue.

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      Thanks for sharing this my friend I also do cleaning my tongue by using a toothbrush that has this cleaning for tongue.

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      I really need to make this a habit. I have a special cleaner and a scraper on the back of my toothbrush as well as a special gel made just for tongue cleaning but sometimes don’t do it.

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      Anne Farmer

      Yes I have to remember to do this more often myself, thanks.

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      I sure I need to do this more often than I do

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      I don’t use any tongue cleaner but use the bristles of my brush regularly to clean my tongue while brushing.

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