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      I have noticed that, I am not receiving the reward points on some of the forum topic replies i have lately participated in.
      Is it just a glitch or I have exceeded the limit of the topics to participate in?

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      I also experienced that last week. I couldn’t earn points to my forum replies. I just let it be because in my mind m maybe I couldn’t reply more than once on my own CREATED FORUM.

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      Stephanie C

      Kendralala is right. You don’t get points for responding to any forum topic that you created. Also, there is a limit to the number of replies you’re allowed to post in a day. You can continue to participate, but you won’t receive points for every response.

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      Hi @Stephanie C,

      Do you know if there’s a page for us to check out what our posting limits for points are? I know there’s a page under the FAQ section for checking out the points we get per reply or post that we create, but is there also a place for us to check the limits?

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      thanks I knew there was a limit but not about answering our forum ???’s

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      There is to answering your forms. We don’t get points for that. 🙁

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      ohh i see.. I can understand not getting points for answering your own forums.Its like talking to yourself.
      You also don’t get points for liking your own stuff.

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      Robert Stukowski

      I expected not getting points for replying to yourself, but didn’t expect there would be a limit on the number of posts overall. Good to know.

      We can check the limits on the Earn Rewards page, but is there a way to know how many posts we have left?

Viewing 7 reply threads
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