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      Stephanie C

      Do you like to keep a handwritten journal or diary? Why? Do you feel like you have to keep it hidden? I used to keep one while my husband was deployed because it was a good way to stop thinking about the loneliness. I am considering starting one again.

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      Carolyn Cordon

      I think I use my blogs and Facebook as a kind of open diary/journal. I had a diary when I was a teenager, the worst thing I ever did was to destroy that diary some time after I got married. I feel now like I destroyed my teenage self.

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      Genevia Cameron

      Personally I like to write in a journal each day. I think there is something sacred about being able to jot down your thoughts and ambitions while realizing that you can share it with future generations. I don’t hold back in my entries but I realize that it takes a bit of stress off me when I do write. The best advice I recieved was when I was in high school and my English teach advised me how writing in a journal would make you a better writer.

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      I write a lot online, but there are things I want to keep for myself. I write down a lot, but it is more of journaling than diary- more feelings and impressions rather than exact events…I have found journaling to be a huge relief sometimes, and useful tool at others- for one thing, sometimes as you write you realize some things that you didn’t before, about whatever it is you are writing about. For another, sometimes I look back at what I wrote a year later…it’s very helpful in self-reflection, and remembering how much things have really changed in your life.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I grew up having a diary. I do not write per day, I just write when I need to share something. I am reading most of my diary when I have time.

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