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      I always thought “It depends” was a lame answer to a question! Now I don’t think it’s so lame anymore, because some times, it depends on the mood I’m in!! So now when answer questions, I find myself now answering “It depends.”
      Do you find yourself sometimes answering a question with “It Depends?” 😉

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      It is especially true when you are in a situation where yes or no are both correct answers!

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      I always find it usefull. But I always make sure that I give valid reasons. 😀

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      The Writing Mama

      Well, yes. I answer “it depends” for most “would you” questions because it often depends on the circumstances.

      Would you jump off a cliff?
      It depends. Do I have a parachute or hang glider?

      Would you paint a room this color?
      It depends. What room?

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      good question I guess there are just some situation that we have to answer that word it depends because we are not so sure about it.

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      Grecy Garcia

      Yes because if you answer it depends, it really depends on the situation. I answer it all the time when it comes to situation questions.

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      It depends, by itself, without any explanation is annoying as hell.

      However, with subtitles and feedback, it’s tolerable.

      But, a lot of times it denotes a wishy washy someone and I don’t know that I like gettting that answer all the time from particular folks…

      I like firm YES and NO answers, you know? But there are certain situations that call for an “IT DEPENDS” I’ll make allowances for those…

      But…not all the damn time!

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