Is there a way to change the font in the Blog Title

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    Tracey Jade Boyer

    I cannot find a way to change the font and size of the type in my blog name on my banner. I tried just putting the name on the banner, but when I erased the name so it would not show up on the banner, it cut the banner width by half.

    All I want to do is change the font in the title, it should not be this hard.

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    Marsha Musselman

    I didn’t see how to change the font on my post itself and I’ve seen different font sizes here, so I know it’s available too. I’m only using the default theme thus far as I only have one post. I wonder whether more is available with the different themes?

    It’s been a few years since I’ve posted anything new on any of my wordpress blogs, so I’ve forgotten what all can be done and all that.

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    Kyla Matton Osborne

    I just Googled “Change fonts BlogJob” and this was the only relevant link that came up in the search, Tracey! I can’t believe nobody else has even asked about it before now…

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    As much as I want to change the fonts of my blog but I don’t know how.

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    I´m so sorry. I have no idea. We´ll just wait for the right answer here.

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    I also wanted to change the font in my blog posts. Alas! I was unable to do so. I wish someone would tell us how to do.

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    I think it cannot be changed because the theme is ready. Unless you will customize it by yourself.

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    Manuela Lopes

    I’m looking to change mine too. Let’s see if we get the answer…

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    Sometimes the size and the fonts are default and can;t be changed depending on the theme used.

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    What you can do is re-write the blog title then click delete to remove your previous title.

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