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      What do you think it would take for this site to increase the point rewards? How many members do you think would have to be apart of this site for that to happen?

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      Stephanie C

      that’s an interesting topic. I’d be curious to see what kind of requirements this site would need to meet for writers to start earning more money…

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      Gil Guerrero

      I don’t know but get desperate sometimes due to my lack of time to keep blogging and I notice how you redeem over and over. Lol!

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      Kimberly Brown

      I am not even sure on this. I am guessing it would not depend on the members it would depend on how much money the site is making. 🙂

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      With me just starting out i do not feel like i will ever get enough points to cash out but for right now i am just having fun doing my blogs and talking to people on here. So far i have met some really nice people.

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        Kimberly Brown

        Yes I have to agree about meeting some really nice people on here. I think you will do great at earning points. They do add up quickly once you get use to the site. You will be everywhere.

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      I’m new here too and at first I thought that I would never get enough points to redeem. But I have gotten so caught up in the site that I haven’t really thought too much about the points. I’ll get there eventually and then we’ll celebrate!

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      I am not even sure on this subject, though it is fun to play with the idea.

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      I think it’s more like how many active members writing quality blogs would it take. I get confused sometimes on how much I can comment, what my limits are for liking or posting or whatever so I don’t do it that much, I stick to writing the blogs. I’d love more points for that someday. I think we all just have to keep working hard.

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      Mary Frances Byrd

      Im Not Very Sure But Would To Love To Know How To Earn More Points

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        Let us just keep on writing and sharing what we have in our minds.

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