I saw at MyLot site, at $1 , 10,000 visitors.

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      I saw there advertised at MyLot site if want 10,000 visitors, we’ll just pay $1 dollar.
      Do you think this is legit? Have you experienced this? I want to try,hehehhehe just for fun and trial and error.

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      Anne Farmer

      We have to buy visitors? To where, Blogjob? I’m not sure if it’s legit. They might just want your info.

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      I think such visitors are not real, better if you don’t buy and just try to bring real traffic from social site by sharing your posts.

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      …Speaking from experience…

      Those sites are great when you make your stuff look legit and popular…

      But legit and popular isn’t that great when:

      -they aren’t contributing to your content
      -you have no interaction with them period
      -you can’t use them to grow or promote products or feeds

      So it’s just to say you have a bunch of followers, but if people really pay attention to your stuff – your mom is the only one liking and commenting on your posts, lol…

      Bottomline – don’t do it!

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      Thank you dear friends for your brilliant ideas.Take care all.

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