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      My name is Muhammad Owais and I am new here. One of my friend invite me on this website but he did not tell me that what I have to do here so I am little bit confused. I have posted my three articles but i did not get any point for those articles.

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      Karen Fainges

      Apparently you can you can use the missing points page to report the blog post and the points will be added to your account manually.
      Read more at https://blogjob.com/forums/topic/three-blogs-only-counted-for-one-today/#h1J8iflr5ye1DpMt.99

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      You can report your missing point to the staff. Check the link that you got from Karen.

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      Was it because you submitted your posts after you used up your daily point limit of 150?

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      when you post your article, make sure you have not exceed 150 points yet.
      Make sure your Format: click Standard, not others. Then you get 50 points per blog.
      Otherwise you can report your missing point to the staff

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      Welcome @meowais to the Blog Job. You can write a lot of posts but you can earn 150 points for one day. That is the limit. You should always check out your limit in order to know how much you can write.

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      Simona Abdi

      Did your articles have minimum 300 words? If not, then you can be rewarded.

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      Grecy Garcia

      You can report your missing points in here. just give your username and the links to those three blogs of yours https://blogjob.com/missing-points/

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