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      To make serious money from affiliate marketing you need to choose the right program. Internet users can be cynical and will rarely sign up for something unless there’s a perk. If you don’t choose the right program, you’ll waste a lot of time for little reward.

      Here are 3 rules for picking a winning affiliate program.

      #1. There has to be an incentive for signing up, preferably something that’s free.

      #2. The process of signing up with your link needs to be super easy and take no longer than 2 minutes.

      #3. You need to promote something that pays well.

      I’ve been marketing for years and have found that most affiliate programs don’t pay very well and people rarely want to use someone’s link.

      I recently came across the best affiliate program I’ve ever seen and was able to make $100 within my first hour of promoting it. In fact people would be stupid to not sign up.

      It’s a new Canadian based start up company publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, featured in the Guardian news and has raised millions in venture capital.

      They’ve combined modern FinTech with gold and have a promotional offer to increase their user base.

      If you sign up with this link and take 2 minutes to register an account, you will be instantly rewarded with 0.5g ($23.60) of gold!

      You will also receive your own link and be able to extend this same offer to your friends and earn an additional 0.5g of gold per referral.

      The best part is that the only way to receive the bonus is by using someone’s link.
      This creates a huge incentive for people to sign up and it’s absolutely free! You get the bonus regardless of whether or not they become a customer.

      This amazing offer will most likely be limited until they increase their user base. If you sign up now and refer just one friend, you’ll make $50 in 5 minutes!

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      Andy Kravetz

      is this real money or is this that bitcoin stuff that is really not money but computer stuff?

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        Yes, it’s real money. You can cash out your money by having gold delivered to your house or as dollars in your bank account. 🙂

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      wow, that sounds great.

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      Andy Kravetz

      So, I just sign up? I am already in ad sense on one page. and doing another affiliate programs as well. Can this work with others. The affiliates I want are all with a single company that isn’t this one.

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