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      Montago Burgess

      Hi,guys. I wanted to share some useful tips on how I earn a bit of cash. First,there is a few websites you can write on that will pay you a pretty nice payment if they publish your article:

      Listverse – $100

      KnowledgeNut – $10

      Cracked – $100 – $200

      DailyTwoCents – $2 per 1000 page views

      iWriter – freelance work (payment varies per job)

      I also wanted to share some ways to get some traffic to your blog.

      Produce excellent content

      The longer your blog post,the better. It will be ranked higher in the search engines.

      Find a niche. I’m still looking for mine,but make sure you have something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Then market that information.

      Guest post. We bloggers have pretty big egos. We want our content to be read and well received. A good way to do that is to write a post for someone better known with a link back to your blog.

      Submit to search engines. Submit your blog to the world’s many search engines to be seen and recognized by their crawlers.

      Tags. Create tags for your post. Yes,every single time. Remember to try and use keywords as well. Don’t spam your keywords either,it’s a good way to get permanently banned from Google.

      Six degrees of separation. (Share,share,share) It is said that if you only know 6 people,you can theoretically meet anyone in the world through those 6 friends of yours. Sharing is caring. Make sure to do it on every post you make.

      Google alerts/blogosphere. You can enter keywords such as “blog” and “money”. Google will helpfully let you know whenever any significant post are made on the web about them. This is a good way to find online communities who fit into your niche. It’s also a good way to find people who want to read your stuff.

      Forums and online communities. These are very important. Forums can have thousands of people in one section who need what you’ve written or whose interested in seeing it. Download Tapatalk for a huge list of forums you can instantly sign up to.

      Promote offline. Tell your friends and family about your blog. If your blog is about helpful new books to read, pass out flyers at your local bookclub. Leave them in the library. – if you are in desperate need of shares,use this. Make sure you have both autosurf and websites clicks turned off. That is very important. Now this site is almost like a traffic exchange except it uses social media instead. Once you submit your site,click on collect tokens,view a site. This will let you autosurf to collect tokens. (Again,for YOUR sites,make sure you have autosurf and clicks off) The site will automatically put your blog in front of real users. You will get some shares. It’s not really that good but it does increase your SEO( search engine optimization)

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      Montago Burgess

      Every one with the exception of Dailytwocents is an upfront payment. I’ve only published one article for listverse, I would have published more but damn if I can’t find something that hasn’t already been done.

      Cracked I haven’t published anything for. But they do pay. In order to write for them you have to join their writers workshop (which I’m apart of) and pitch an idea. Unlike listverse, they expect a fair amount of humor in your articles. Which is one of the main reasons I dislike trying to get an article published there.

      Knowledgenut is a sister site of listverse. If you know a really obscure fact or want to debunk a common misconception, go here. For around 500-1000 words they’ll pay you $10 if your article is published. ( read the fine print though.once you submit it. They own it. Listverse is the same way but they only acquire the ownership of your article once it’s published)

      I would only recommend iwriter if you need some quick cash. Here you start at the bottom. You will get paid about $2 for every 300 words. This is freelance so even if you do write the article there is no guarantee that the client will buy it. I’ve come here when I needed to. But as a last resort.

      I’m actually waiting to hear back from thedailytwocents. However my friend is with them and they’ve paid her. You have to submit aa three writing samples or three pieces of published work for review if you want in. I started with them because bubblews started paying chump change for doing so much.

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      The only one of those I’ve tried is DailyTwoCents and I haven’t had much success there. I’ve had very few views and almost no interaction with other users and I suspect the site is rather glitchy because sometimes my comments don’t even show. They’re also stopping their reward scheme and instead will allow their members to use AdSense. I’m not sure I’ll go on posting there.

      As far as the others are concerned I’ve never been keen to sell all rights to my content, though the ones that offer $100+ do sound tempting.

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        Yes, I have read about the change in DTC @gina145. I was shock that my earnings there went to 0.

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        Thanks for pointing that out @thelme55 . I haven’t been active there lately so I didn’t even bother to look. I’ve just tried to add AdSense to my account and it doesn’t work.

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      Montago Burgess

      @gina145 I don’t like selling my rights to my article either. But it does come with tremendous benefits. On both listverse and cracked you can put your blog at the bottom of the page which helps traffic skyrocket up and you always get a few subscribers.Both sites receive millions of visitors a month. Thanks for the heads up with D2C. I won’t be visiting again

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      Interesting info you have got us here. I already heard of some of the listed sites but didn’t give them a closer look. I just decided to zero in on the few reliable ones like blogjob.

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        Wow, 6342 points! I am new here and I’m curious, how much money is that? Thanks fore helping me understand this place. 🙂

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      Good to know that there are different ways of earning. For now, I want to understand this place before I try another one. I do appreciate you letting us know. All the best!

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      Sharon Van Biljon

      Thanks for all your wonderful tips. I like the magazines best. I do use iwriter sometimes, but prefer textbroker.

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      Montago Burgess

      @sharon. I haven’t tried textbroker yet,is it any good? And @henry I understand. I’m doing the same thing. I’d much rather just focus on this site as it’s a more stable source of income than the sites I mentioned in the post. @felix. Your very welcome!

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      Has anyone tried the Social Network?
      I’m about to put some posts about it on my blog here.
      I have actually been paid from them and have my proof of pay in my pics on my profile page.
      I hope that is allowed. You actually earn from the content you post.
      I made $168 since joining in July and now after cashing out I’m at almost $60.
      You use the site like you do facebook. You just have to post your own Original content. No google images.
      It’s invite only so you have to use shortcode: Blessedxoxo
      in order to join. It’s really neat and that’s how I’ve been earning extra recently.
      You can even post your blog links there too.

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        @Candi, How are you able to earn so much on tsu- I have not even reached $2, even after 9 months.

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        @Candi: Wow how did you earn a lot from tsu in a short span of time? I tried to be very active using that site but lead me nowhere.

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        Lacey Hayward

        Yeah I only made 3 cents so far on tsu.

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      Montago Burgess

      Oh yeah I’m apart of tsu! Love it!

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      i tried DTC, doesn’t work, it is worst than writedge, both are sisters sites.

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      Susmitha Anoop

      I will try all these websites

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      Karen Fainges

      Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing. I find that handing over rights to an article or two doesn’t bother me as I can always write another article using the same research later. You just have to be careful that they are not too much alike.

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      I used to write at DTC but I gave up on them bcz their site is too wonky. Now that they no longer pay rewards I am so glad I left them. And someone mentions that AdSense doesn’t work there either.

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      I should probably return to Try. I’m wavering on that, though.

      I used to recommend Daily Two Cents to everyone, but I won’t anymore. It’s not worth writing there if there’s no pay. By any chance did the two moderators sell it to someone else? This doesn’t sound like DTC at all.

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      HI everyone.
      I joined in July. I’m active every single day.
      I try to post a status or pic any chance I get.
      Made a lot of friends there too. I get a good amount of shares a day so that helps.
      Also now have over 40 tsuchildren in my network.
      Several of those are actively posting so that helps with my earnings.
      I try to share other tsu peeps pics as well.
      I think the mixture of everything has been working for me.
      I even made a blog post here about how I make that much in a day.
      My earnings have not been less than $2.50 a day in a while which is good.

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      Thanks for sharing all the information.. i will check them out. But blogjob is the best in my opinion.

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      Xavier Bage

      Thanks a million for sharing such useful info @Montago Burgess.I tried both D2C and iWriter but could not make much progress. As a writer from third world I face problems not seen in English speaking countries.Your tips will be of great help.

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      So nice info bro, this will help others.

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