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    How many can you hosts on here? And is it limited to a certain size?

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    If I recall correctly, when I created my blog on here, it said “create as many as you like…” I’m not 100% sure though! I know there was a notification saying something like if you aren’t going to create a great site, leave it for someone else who will. Just be careful what you take on. One blog alone can be very, very time consuming, provided you’re serious about your blog and are aiming for quality content.

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    I think you can create as many as you wish. But I would advice you to create only what you can manage, like Kendra said.

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      @zacc….I totally agree, and that’s the reason I’m sticking with just three blogs. I’m blown away by people who have blogs in double digits….YIKES!

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    Sometimes back I created two only to find that I will need most of my time writing content to up date them. I also have other blogs and I had to pay writers to update for me regularly. Not easy but good reward in terms of cash if you manage to maintain all

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    Kimberly Brown

    I think you can create as many as you want to create. As long as you follow the rules for creating them.

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    Honestl,y dear ?
    It is wise to stick to one blog until you master Blogging skills.
    One of the important things to keep in mind to create a successful and Money makng blog is to Write Posts consistently and engage with your audience. As it is writing one post takes a lot of work, focus and commitment. How would you manage 2 blogs or 3 or more? Eventually you would feel like giving up.

    Sure there are people who can write upto 7 blog posts in a week, they are the Top level bloggers and have years of experience. But if you are a beginner stick to 1 or if you have to stretch 2 is still a safe no. 🙂

    Enjoy Posting !
    MAke sure you create Great content because it always gets shared. And the more it is shared the more people will visit your blog and soon you can monetize it 🙂

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      I totally agree, one blog is more than enough until you know what you are doing. It takes time to learn something new and there is a lot about more to blogging than most people think.

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    You can create as many as you would like. However I would suggest aiming for 2 or no more then 3 tops as blogging does take a great deal of work to be successful.

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    There is no limit here at all, but take it in mind that it is not about how many sites you create, the way you manage them is what matters most. As for me, I will stick to one.

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    Stephanie C

    I love how limitless this site is. Although, I doubt I could manage to update and keep track of more than three blogs…

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    I do too there is no limits on here really and that is great!

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    as many as you wish i think

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    many sites

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    No limit however it would be tough taking care of too many sites.

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      Absolutely @shaloowalia….some or all of the blogs would suffer and the quality would probably slip!

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    I have reached my point limit for today and I am trying to set up a second blog and it will not go through. Does anyone have any idea why?

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    U should write more. I think because as much you write as much u get good results in writing.

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    Pinay Blogger

    I wonder if I could manage too many sites. I guess 2-3 is already difficult for me.

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    I have I think 6 sites here but I don’t write everyday to all the sites. It’s good to have many niche sites to choose from what to write.☺

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    Presently I have 7 sites and another one with this site. I have 8 in all.

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    Susmitha Anoop

    Its depends my free time and mood

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    David William

    i beleive if you want to create great content you should aim to create 2-3 in a day

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    3 sites only for me. That’s all I can manage.

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    I came here and stupidly thought I would write a blog a day.

    I set up the blogs.

    Of course, I have not written a blog a day. I haven’t written a blog a day every day for a week. It was totally unrealistic.

    It is better to begin with a single blog. Build up from there. Some blogs have a life span. Others continue forever.

    For a person like me who can write and write offering all the blogs in the world you want to create is not helpful.

    A limit would be good.

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    I don’t know if my memory serves me right. There is one member here that she has created 17 sites and now she has a problem on how to tend them, individually. She finds it hard anymore to maintain those sites. Though I have one blog site here and another 7 other sites. I am scheduling them one by one to update my post there.

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