How many of you are Christian writers?

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      Angie Counter

      I am curious to see how many of us there are here on blogjob 🙂

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      I identify as a Christian, but I am not a writer on the topic. I used to have a blog that was Christian based, but had too much criticism for one and secondly, I didn’t have the passion to keep writing on the topic. 🙁 But, I do love reading on it.

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      I am a Christian but do not consider myself a Christian writer. I am not much of a writer at all yet. The biggest complaint I have about education is that it seems to suck the creativity right out of you; that’s why I like blogging, it helps you to get YOUR thoughts together. It’s not just memorizing what the academics tell you about something.

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      I use to be Christian. Now I’m more of a New thinker lol with some Christian beliefs.

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      Kimberly Brown

      I am a Christian and I do not write about it right now.

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      I am christian but I am not a christian writer.

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