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      How did you get your name? Some people are named after members of their family, some are named after famous people,etc… I was named after a bar that was on the way to the hospital where I was delivered. My mom wanted me to be named Jody Marie, but my dad didn’t want that name, because Marie was after a family member. So on the way to the hospital, there was a bar called Jo Dee’s. It was a husband and wife bar, that’s how they named it..the husbands name was Joseph and the wife’s name was Deloris. So jokingly, my mom said that’s the name we should use and my dad liked it!! Even though Dee is my mom’s middle name!
      So how did you get your name?

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      My name was created by my aunt which she said, she heard it in a television and like it a lot and thought of going to be my name.While my kids name are a combination of my husband name and I, and to my second son named after the combination of grandfathers name.

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      My grandson’s name was selected based on his birth date, time, the position of the stars and so on. With meticulous Feng Shui calculation, two Chinese characters was chosen as his name.

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      Grecy Garcia

      I was named by my father. His bestfriend’s name is Joseph so he named all of his children after that initials. My name here is just my username so my real name is…… secret.

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      Bharat Sharma

      My name was given by my grandfather based on the “letter” given by the priest and this “letter” was based on motion of planets and stars (astrology)

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      My Grandfather given me name by his wish

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      I have no clue where my first name, Patricia, comes from. There is no other member of the family by that name. But my middle name is my paternal grandmother’s great-grandfather’s name.

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      Adelee Gals

      I do not get an idea. I have never ask to my mother about my name.

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