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      Hello everyone,

      It’s an odd question to ask on a site like this, but I figured even if it’s a long shot, it could end up providing some helpful “leads.”

      My question is have any of you here ever had the condition sepsis, or “septicemia?”
      I ask because my significant other has been displaying a variety of health problems over the last few months, and suddenly things worsened a couple of weeks ago. One of the issues are boils, and he’s had recurring boils, on and off for ages! We typically thought it was just coming from the job he does, which exposes him to things that could cause the boils to appear randomly for him.

      But tonight, after we’ve been worried that he had sepsis, he noticed another boil. I’m positive he has staph infection and he just went to the doctor a day ago for this random mouth/throat problem. It looked like strep, but his symptoms aren’t completely matching of strep and I knew it wasn’t. The soft palate is white-ish and inflamed and the very back of the throat is very white in color with tiny red veins all over. He’s been complaining of being more tired/fatigued than normal, but he’s almost always drained, tired and fatigued, which I have my own theory as to why (adrenal issues and one other thing that I can’t think of the name at the moment).

      The doctor gave him a strep test, telling him she was certain it was step. Came back negative. They did not test for anything else at all, but gave him a Z-pack of antibiotics saying that’s what they give to treat strep throat and maybe it’ll clear up whatever he has. Yea, not a great dr visit.

      So he’s taken the antibiotics, but this new boil. Plus, there was a hole-like sore on the back, side of his tongue (looked like he bit it very hard). It looks better, but another blister-like thing appeared on the tissue under his upper lip today.

      Also, he has been vomiting almost any time he eats. He has had chills, feeling very cold to the touch. His hands are cold and clammy, and although it’s about 80 degrees in the vehicle, he was shivering cold. The dr. said his temperature was 95, but didn’t comment on whether that seemed good or bad or fine for him. He definitely has had signs of low blood pressure ever since day 1. That was the very first thing that happened — low blood pressure, shivering uncontrollably in the middle of the night.

      These symptoms have all been coming and going for the last 2 weeks. Thing is, he isn’t like totally down and sick as a dog like you typically get with things like strep or bronchitis. He’ll be normal as can be, energetic, just fine for hours until the symptoms randomly hit again.

      Tonight, I’ve been researching all night long after he asked if the boil he popped (which “imploded” instead of the inner pus coming out), could kill him. I looked it up online for good measure and lo and behold if I didn’t run into a link between the boil (staph infection) and dang sepsis. So, I’ve been panicked because he has about all the signs of sepsis! But this has all been going on (the major symptoms) for a good 2 weeks. He has been freaked that he’s going to die this whole time & I’ve been assuring him he’s okay and just fighting off infection. I’m not so sure now.

      So, have any of you had sepsis? And if so, was it something that came on with symptoms suddenly and they only worsened? Or is it possible that the symptoms can actually just linger, not being super severe, but random and everything? It’s so confusing because most of what I read says that the symptoms will happen rapidly. He’s not experienced the rapid breathing issues like sepsis tends to cause and he isn’t incoherent or any more confused than normal. 🙂 He already has a tough time remembering things, but I really don’t think his memory has been worse since this ordeal.

      I’m hoping it’s just the staph infection causing these symptoms. Like I said, most of what I have read implies he would be having severe symptoms by now, or at least he’d have experienced significant worsening of them. They really haven’t worsened, but not improved either, so that leaves me confused.

      I’ve already had my own theory that he has GERD for years now. I also have a theory that he may have adrenal fatigue.

      Apologies for such a lengthy post. I just couldn’t help but wonder if someone could chime in with suggestions or tell me if they’ve had sepsis themselves and what it was like. I like to hear a personal account of things to compare to, especially when the internet has conflicting answers. He’ll most likely be taking another trip to the Dr. today, especially if he says there’s zero improvements for him. I’m just scared breathless right now that he might not… Well, I’m not going there, but you know. He’s been so scared that he’s dying lately and now I’m starting to worry after all I’ve just read on sepsis, and how he has so many of the symptoms. I’m keeping hope, though, that since 2 weeks and the symptoms have not worsened… And I have no idea what his throat issue is. I can’t tell if there could be a link between that and sepsis or not, especially when the dr did not run a single other test to find out what it could be.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions, comments, help or personal experience you guys can offer.

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      I have never had it nor heard of it before. No.

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