Have you heard your dog whining?

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    My dog is whining since she was spayed. I am bothered to nap when I notice her suffering the pain. I tried to bear her to the vet clinic, but she’s a fierce dog.

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    If you can, check her incision to see if it looks infected. Hopefully that’s not the case. How much does your dog weigh? You can give her 5mg of buffered aspirin per pound of body weight. It’s safe for dogs but not cats. I would give it in a piece of cheese or another food she likes. It will help with pain and inflammation. I’m sorry that she’s hurting. I edited my post to say that she can have a dose every 12 hours.

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    @kimdalessandro, thank you. I prescribed my dog an anti-inflammatory drug. My vet friend told me to dose her an aspiring. You’re right. She is losses weight a lot unlike earlier.

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    no it seems illogical to me i don’t hear about dog whining
    just need some sources i need to google it

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